A.O. Smith University

A.O. Smith and HD Supply Facilities Maintenance are pleased to offer water heater training specifically for facility engineers and property maintenance technicians. A.O. Smith University provides video training courses online to help answer common questions and issues faced by maintenance professionals. Classes are free of charge and cover topics such as troubleshooting residential gas and electric water heaters, the importance of expansion tanks and pressure release valves, NAECA III water heater conversions, and more.

Water Heater Training Library

Upcoming Trainings

You can easily participate in live training sessions online. Live training are available the third Thursday of each month. Add a reminder to your Outlook calendar to join and have the ability to chat live with instructors so your questions can be answered on the spot.

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Water Heater Training Video Library

Watch our water heater training videos anytime. Select from the library of recorded water heater training classes and watch video lessons at your convenience. You can also find water heater maintenance tips, buying guides, warranty information, and other water heater resources.

Regular Maintenance Saves Money

Regular maintenance will help extend the life of your water heater and help you save money. Learn how to troubleshoot a leaking water heater in this previously recorded video.


In this previously recorded video, get a close look at the new Honeywell gas valve including control features and troubleshooting.

Installing NAECA III Product

Learn tips and how to install an NAECA III water heater in a tight space with this previously recorded video.

Residential Electric Water Heaters

Gain a better understanding of installing and troubleshooting residential electric water heaters using this previously recorded video.

Download a PDF of the steps from this video.

Time Saving Tips: Electric Water Heaters

Previously recorded training class on troubleshooting electric water heaters.

Troubleshooting Gas Water Heaters

See some common maintenance issues with gas water heaters.

Download a PDF of the steps from this video.

Water Heater Maintenance

Learn the best way to keep your water heater in top shape by utilizing these maintenance tips.

Commercial Electric Conversions

Learn more about kits available to convert commercial electric water heaters to the exact voltage and wattage you need.

Heat Pump

A close look a water heater heat pump, how it works, installation considerations, and more.

Installing Power Vent Water Heaters

What to expect when installing and maintaining power vent water heaters.

MXI and XI

Features and benefits of the efficient MX and MXI water heaters, as well as installation and troubleshooting tips.

NAECA III: Electric Water Heaters

How NAECA III regulations affects residential electric water heaters; previously recorded training class.

NAECA III: Gas and Electric Water Heaters

Previously recorded training session on installation options to comply with NAECA III.

NAECA III Guidelines

Previously recorded training class about NAECA III and its affect on gas water heaters.

Power Vent Water Heaters

An overview of A.O. Smith power vent water heaters.

Standard Atmospheric Gas Water Heater

Installation tips and troubleshooting standard atmospheric gas water heaters.

Tankless Teardown

Tips on de-lining and taking apart tankless water heaters.

Vertex Heater

Vertex offers installation versatility with commercial grade glass lining.

XP Quick Settings Guide

See how to set the temperature, and use controls on the XP water heater.