Fire is the most common of all disasters, both wildfires and building/home fires, cause more than $8 billion of property loss each year, according to FEMA. Rely on HD Supply for all your fire safety products, including smoke detectors, emergency lighting, safety signs, and more.

Fire Prepare Fire Respond Fire Recover


Any apartment complex, hotel, healthcare facility, or major business should have an established emergency plan and fire safety supplies on hand, including fire extinguishers, and burn kits.

How is Fire Most Likely to Start?

The number one reason for fatal apartment fires is smoking. Provide residents, guests, and staff with Ash & Trash Cans to encourage outdoor smoking only. Use Smoking Control Signs to clearly designate approved smoking areas.

Another common cause of fire in apartments, condos, or dorms comes from heating elements, like stoves and heaters. In most cases, residents leave paper or clothing too close to stove or heater and it ignites. Installing a SmartBurner Heating Element System could help prevent cooking fires and potentially lower insurance rates.

Additional ways to keep safe include:


Smoke alarms and combination alarms are essential safety tools. FEMA has found that having a working smoke/fire alarm substantially reduces risk of death and property losses due to fire. While fire itself is terrifying, the heat and smoke are also dangerous. People can be seriously hurt or even killed by smoke inhalation.

In the event of a fire, know what to do:

  • Evacuate the building
  • Use stairs not elevators
  • Call 911
  • Do not re-enter the building
  • Assist anyone with special needs

Use a fire extinguisher only if the fire is very small and you are properly trained.


If your property has suffered a fire, even a small one, HD Supply has the fire safety supplies and equipment you need to repair and rebuild.