Drinking Water Low Lead Legislation

Water Heater Requirements

Regulations Compliance Date: April 16, 2015

Effective April 16, 2015, newly manufactured residential water heaters must comply with new efficiency regulations required under the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA). Consult the U.S. Department of Energy for more information.

What It Means for You

Under the new NAECA regulations, most new water heaters will be larger and need more space for installation.

This may pose a challenge for multifamily properties that have water heaters installed in closets or alcoves. New water heaters that are less than 55 gallons maybe two or more inches taller and wider in diameter.

How to Prepare

  • Budget for more expensive water heaters in 2015. New water heaters will contain more insulation and more steel, which cost more to produce and ship.
  • Extend the useful life of your existing water heater with added maintenance.
  • Replace older water heaters before April 16, 2015.

Please note: We will sell through our existing stock of residential water heaters, even if they don't meet the new NAECA standards.

There will be no impact to existing tankless, commercial, or boiler systems.

See how these changes could affect your property in this short video:

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