Be Ready For Tornadoes

Prepare For Tornado Season

Have A Plan And Supplies On Hand

Generated by thunderstorms, tornadoes are one of the most violent storms, according to FEMA. A typical tornado only lasts for a few minutes, but can leave miles of destruction. Tornadoes have been reported in every state in the U.S., no matter the season, and can develop rapidly with little or no warning. HD Supply has the products you need to prepare for, respond to, and recover from tornadoes.


Having a thorough emergency plan in place that includes tornado safety will help keep people safe and minimize property loss and damage. A well-stocked emergency supply kit should include bottled water, flashlights, batteries, and more.


If a tornado is likely in your area, take the steps needed to respond properly:

  • Locate your emergency kit with battery-powered radio, flashlight, extra batteries, and water
  • Monitor radio or television for weather updates
  • Watch the sky for a greenish-black color and/or a strange quiet within or shortly after a thunderstorm
  • Avoid windows and take shelter in a basement or an inside room, without windows, such as a hallway or closet.


Immediately after a tornado, you may find damaged power lines, gas lines, or electrical systems. Inspect your property for damage and treat injuries immediately.

As you work to repair damage, wear protective gear and clothing, and work carefully. Many tornado-related injuries happen during rescue and cleanup. Debris like broken glass, exposed nails, and heavy, unsteady objects can pose threats.

Use your battery-powered radio to stay informed and get emergency information.