Droughts are prolonged periods of less than normal rainfall—and can happen in any region. The lack of water, dry weather, and extreme heat creates challenges and hazards for your business and community.

Drought Prepare Drought Respond Drought Recover


The best way to prepare for drought is to practice water conservation regardless of rainfall levels.

  • Install water-efficient washing machines, dishwashers, and faucets
  • Use an efficient drip irrigation system for your landscaping
  • Check and repair leaks in toilets and plumbing
  • Use approved covers on swimming pools and spas to reduce evaporation


If you're living in drought conditions, you must take steps to reduce water use on your property, and encourage staff, residents, and guests to do the same.


Once rainfall has resumed, grasses and plants will recover, and water conservation should remain a top concern.

  • Check for leaks monthly to save on your water expense
  • Maintain recovering landscaping, by watching for weeds and overgrowth
  • Survey roofs and rain gutters and repair as needed so they withstand renewed rainfall

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