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Make The Most Of The Time You Have For Turns

Look for these icons in each room to help you identify products that will help you complete turns quickly and efficiently, whether you have a few days or several weeks.

1-2 Days: Refresh

1-2 Days: Refresh

For quick turnarounds, focus on the small details and save major improvements for when you are less time-challenged. Think light cleaning, paint touch-ups, bulb and lock replacements, and new batteries in smoke detectors and thermostats.

1 Week: Repair

1 Week: Repair

A week should provide enough time for some light repairs. Patch holes in walls and doors, fix leaky faucets and toilets, adjust wobbly ceiling fans, and add a fresh coat of paint to common areas like stairwells, hallways, and lobbies.

1-4 Weeks: Replace

1-4 Weeks: Replace

The best time to replace appliances, faucets, lighting, water heaters, and smoke alarms is when living spaces are vacant for more than a week.

Download The Checklist

Our unit turns checklist will help you complete unit turns in a timely manner by staying organized and on task. The end result is a quicker rental to prospective residents.

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NOTE: Local ordinances may have turn requirements that differ from the ones shown above. Always check your local regulations before completing any turns project.