How long do you have to complete your project?

1-2 Days: Refresh

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For fast turns, focus on the most important and noticeable features of the room to give it a good refresh.

Patch up holes in the walls and clean up dirt and dust hanging onto the walls. Then paint the whole room with a fresh coat of bright paint to breathe new life into the space. Consider repainting wooden window sills and trims to make everything look extra clean and bright. Then deep clean the carpets, especially if the previous tenants had pets. If the flooring is tile or wood, clean it thoroughly with antibacterial cleaner and/or wood floor cleaner. Replace burnt out light bulbs and consider upgrading to ultra-efficient LED bulbs. Clean out light fixtures to remove dead bugs, dirt, and dust. Give everything one final wipe down to ensure that the room looks and smells very clean.

1 Week: Repair

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Check windows, blinds, and ceiling fans for broken or missing parts.

1-4 Weeks: Replace

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Replace outdated lighting, blinds, and flooring.

4+ Weeks: Renovate

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Renovations can attract new residents and increase rents. Our Property Improvement team can help.