Your property has many valuable outdoor amenities that make it attractive to residents, guests, and even your staff. Placing highly visible signs in frequently used areas around your property grounds is an easy and effective way to let everyone know the rules, hours of operation, and other important information.

Get the Sign You Want

Getting the right sign for your property doesn't have to be difficult. We offer three easy ways to get the grounds management signs you need:

  • Stock signs with popular, preprinted messages and artwork are ready to ship for quick delivery — just choose the sign you need
  • Semi-custom signs let you add your custom wording to our eye-catching designs
  • Fully custom signs offer the most flexibility, allowing you to create any sign with your branding

Put Signs in All the Right Places

Sign placement is highly regulated in many cities and states and also by the Federal Government. We've highlighted a few areas where sign placement is important, but keep in mind this is not an inclusive list. Be sure to check local, state, and federal sign laws or consult legal counsel to make sure you have signs where required for safety and compliance.

Pool and Spa

Pool and spa signs increase safety and help reduce your liability. Most cities and states have specific regulations regarding pool signs, so always check local ordinances to see which types of pool safety equipment and signs you may need.

Walking Trails & Dog Park

If your property allows dogs, adding well-placed pet control signs will remind dog owners to be responsible and clean up after their pets. Learn more about pet-friendly solutions.

Traffic Areas & Parking Lot

The correct traffic and parking lot signs in the right places will help increase safety, eliminate parking hassles, and reduce accidents. Install the correct number of handicap and van accessible signs to satisfy ADA guidelines. Find out how many accessible parking spaces your lot needs. You can also implement a parking permit program in conjunction with traffic and parking lot signs to keep all parking under control.

Outdoor Spaces

Use safety and security signs to help deter theft, vandalism, trespassing, and other unwanted problems in parking lots, common areas, and recreational spaces.

Work Areas

Employers are responsible for the safety of their workers while they are on the job. Danger, caution, and safety instruction signs raise awareness and keep employees informed about workplace hazards and best practices while on your grounds. Learn more about OSHA and ANSI requirements.

Best Options for Outdoor Signs

Aluminum, sandblasted urethane, and layered color are the best materials for outdoor use. Coroplast is also a good choice for outdoor applications, but it is intended for short-term use. When considering signs for your grounds, think about where the signs will be placed and whether the signs are for long-term or temporary use. This will determine which sign material works best for your specific application and sign location.

Aluminum signs are best when you need a permanent sign. The thickness and strength of aluminum holds up for years in any climate.

Benefits of aluminum signs:

  • Heavy-duty, rustproof aluminum construction
  • Commercial quality .080" thickness
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Mounts on a wall, U-channel steel post, or stanchion

Sandblasted urethane signs offer greater durability and less maintenance than real wood. The tough urethane composite material will not warp, crack, or rot.

Benefits of sandblasted urethane signs:

  • Looks like real wood
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • Long-life paint will not chip, fade, or peel

Layered color plastic signs are virtually indestructible to eliminate any expensive upkeep.

Benefits of layered color plastic signs:

  • Maintenance-free
  • Long-lasting good looks
  • Never needs painting

Coroplast signs are intended for temporary use such as when you are advertising discounts, unique amenities, parties, special events, and more. Use coroplast signs alone or in a sign series to bring more exposure to your messages and your property.

Benefits of coroplast amenity signs:

  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Nonreflective or premium reflective finish
  • Easy to customize
  • Variety of different sizes and shapes available

Coroplast Sign Frames

Coroplast signs need sign frames for display at the street and on your grounds. We have a variety of sign frames that accommodate all coroplast sign sizes and shapes.

Plastic designer sign frames — won't fade, rust, or bend; holds one 24" x 18" sign and one 24" x 6" rider sign on the bottom

Standard wire frames — sturdy and unbendable; holds sign bursts, oval, fun-shaped, or 24" x 18" coroplast signs

Heavy-duty metal frames — rust-resistant frame in horizontal and vertical styles holds 18" x 24" or 24" x 18" amenity signs and 24" x 6" rider signs

Need More Help Creating a Custom Sign?

Watch our video tutorial.