Pools are a property's most valuable asset, attracting families and kids, sunbathers, and swimmers. Unfortunately, drowning and injuries around pools are all too common. Take precautions to help prevent injuries and avoid liability. Equip your pool and pool area with the proper pool safety equipment.

Pool Safety and Equipment Rules Sign

Be sure your pool has these safety items

Pool Fencing

Install regulation fencing with self-closing and self-latching gates around pools to help prevent unauthorized use. Some states and counties have specific guidelines regarding pool fencing and barriers. Check the building codes for your region to see what type of fence is required.

Pool Ladders

Swimmers need a safe and easy way to exit the pool. Make sure ladders and stairs are secure and that you have a good tread on the steps to prevent slipping.

Anti-Slip Paint

Coating pool decks and stairs with an anti-skid paint can help reduce accidental slips, falls, and poolside injuries.

Emergency Pool Phones

Have a working poolside phone that is easy to find and ready to use in case 911 must be called.

Pool Floats & Ropes

Swimming pool rope floats can be used to separate the shallow water from the deep end, giving swimmers a boundary line. Ropes and floats can also section off lanes for lap swimmers.

Pool Lifts

Pool lifts make entry and exit easier for disabled swimmers, and are required for ADA compliance for Title II and Title III pool facilities.

Pool & Spa Anti-Entrapment Equipment

Swimmers are at risk for drain entrapment if a body part, clothing, or hair gets held against a drain by a forceful suction. Prevent this horrible situation by installing anti-entrapment drain covers and using a vacuum release system.

Pool & Spa Handrail Covers

Metal pool handrails baking in the summer sun can be hot to the touch. Using handrail covers can help protect swimmers from burns, and the anti-slip texture will provide added safety.

Pool & Spa Passes

Using customized passes will limit access to your pools and spas, and ensure only authorized guests or residents are using the amenities.

Pool & Spa Signs

Post signs around the pool and spa, alerting everyone to rules, policies, and emergency procedures. Signs can be stock, semi-custom, or fully custom to meet your needs.

Water Rescue Hooks & Flotation Devices

Rescue hooks and lifesaving flotation devices should be easy to reach and readily available in case of an emergency.

First Aid Kits

Keep a well-stocked first aid kit in the pool area that is easy to find. Be sure it includes scissors to cut hair or clothing.

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