People love their dogs and properties that welcome them. Keep dogs and their owners happy with amenities that cater to both of their needs. There are several ways pet-friendly properties can make pets and owners feel welcome.

Pet-Friendly Property

Encourage Pet Waste Cleanup

Dog poo, dog poop, or dog waste. No matter what you call it, it is still a mess that no one wants to see, smell, or step in. Piles of dog waste littering your grounds isn't just a turn-off to potential residents and guests, it's also a health hazard. The EPA claims a single gram of dog poop can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, which is known to cause serious intestinal and kidney disorders in humans.

The Dirty Truth About Dog Poop

  • It attracts rodents
  • It spreads bacteria and disease
  • It kills your grass
  • It's as toxic to the environment as chemical and oil spills (source: EPA)

How to Get Dog Owners to Pick Up After Their Pets

Responsible dog owners will clean up after their pets if you give them easy access to pet waste bags. Our signature brand of Fido House ® pet waste products makes dog waste removal easier for pet owners so your grounds stay cleaner, greener, and healthier.

Pet-Friendly Property

Give Dogs a Place to Play

An off-leash dog space or bark park, where dogs can run, jump, and play, makes dogs and their owners happy. Properties of any size can install dog park equipment such as inclines, jump-overs, doggie crawls, and more. Our commercial-grade dog park equipment features:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Non-slip protective finish for superior traction
  • Easy installation

Post Signs for Pet Owners

Our highly visible pet control signs notify pet owners of property policies and rules. Durable pet control signs in high traffic areas remind owners to clean up dog waste, keep dogs on a leash, or direct them to walking areas. Use our custom pet signs and post your own unique message.

Issue Pet Permits

Management, maintenance staff, and emergency personnel should know to whom pets belong for their safety as well as the pet's. Permit decals are displayed on windows and doors and quickly let everyone know pets are living on the premises. Pet permit collar tags feature a four-digit number so lost or unattended pets can be reunited with their owner.