Unauthorized vehicles on your property are not only a nuisance, they are a liability too. Use a parking permit system to help protect your facility and get control over your parking lots.

Five Tips to Make Parking Permits Work Better

Custom Parking Permits
  1. Customize with Logos
    Adding your logo to parking stickers and hang tags makes parking permits easier to identify and harder to counterfeit.

  2. Number Systems
    Keep track of all the parking stickers and hang tags you've issued with a numbering system that can be sequential or random. Log them using parking log books.

  3. Expiration Dates
    No expiration date means no control over parking. For added safety and security, issue new parking permits annually to prevent misuse and abuse by residents or employees.

  4. Color-Coded Parking Permits
    Use color-coded parking permits to create different parking zones. Vehicles with the wrong color can be quickly spotted and cited with parking violation tags or stickers.

  5. Parking Stickers vs. Hang Tags

    Parking stickers are durable, tear-resistant, and always remain with the vehicle so they are less likely to get lost.

    Parking hang tags in long-lasting plastic won't warp, fade, or crack. They are easily transferred from one vehicle to another and can be removed for added privacy and security.

Parking violation stickers, parking violation tags, and parking log books are also easy and effective ways to maintain control and improve safety in your parking areas.

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