General Maintenance

Most of the work that needs to be done for turns can be done faster and more economically if you have the right tools and general maintenance supplies on hand. Keeping ample spackling, paint, cleaning products, and LED bulbs on site will prepare you for more efficient and cost-effective turns.

How long do you have to complete your project?


Stock up on cleaning supplies and change batteries in smoke detectors and thermostats.

When time is short and your list is long, it helps to have all the right maintenance supplies in your shop. Stock up on essentials and be ready for turns year-round. Make sure smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms have fresh batteries. Use carpet cleaner to remove spots and stains from carpeted areas. Change air filters in units. Keep a supply of all-purpose cleaners and janitorial supplies on hand so you can give kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, and flooring a good clean while turning units. Touch up paint and make small patch repairs.


Repair and update common areas, including stairwells, hallways, and lobbies.


The best time to replace water heaters, smoke alarms, and electrical components in between tenants.


Renovations can attract new residents and increase rents. Our Property Improvement team can help.