It takes just seconds for potential residents and guests to make a judgment about your property. Always make a good first impression with beautifully landscaped areas and well-maintained grounds that create attractive and inviting curb appeal.

Fertilizers and Spreaders

Fertilizers and Spreaders

Lush, thick, and healthy lawns show residents and guests that you care about the appearance of your property. Fertilizer products feed lawns essential nutrients to keep grass greener, free of weeds, and looking its best season after season. For best results, experts recommend fertilizing grass three to four times a year, or sometimes more depending on the type of grass you have and the area you are in.

Benefits of regularly fertilizing your lawn:

  • Thicker, greener grass
  • Deeper, stronger roots
  • Reduces weeds and disease
  • Helps grass withstand heat, sun, and stress

Remember, never spread fertilizers by hand. Always use a lawn spreader. There are two types of lawn spreaders available. A broadcast or rotary spreader offers even and uniform distribution by throwing fertilizer granules in a wide swath. Broadcast spreaders are ideal for larger lawns, but they should not be used in or around flowerbeds. A drop spreader gives you greater control over the distribution pattern and is better suited for smaller areas. Because a drop spreader is more precise, it's perfect if you're applying fertilizer that may damage or kill nearby plants and flowers.

Weed Control

Don't let pesky weeds and unwanted vegetation ruin the look of your lawn or landscaped areas. Use weed killer and vegetation killer on lawns, landscaped and gravel areas, sidewalks, and along fences and walls to kill existing weeds, plants, and stray grasses and to help prevent regrowth. Dead or brittle shrubbery near buildings is a fire hazard and should be removed right away.

Power Tools

Power Tools

Having the right power tools or hand tools makes everyday lawn care and grounds maintenance tasks easier and allows you to do the job yourself without hiring an outside contractor. Use lawn mowers and hedge trimmers to keep grounds well groomed. String trimmers let you neatly trim grass along walls and fences or get a clean edge along sidewalks and driveways. Use powerful pressure washers to blast away dirt and grime from sidewalks, building exteriors, and patios. After a storm, chain saws are just what you need to quickly cut up and remove fallen trees and broken branches. Leaf blowers are a great way to remove leaves, trash, and other debris from lawns and parking areas, but many cities and counties have laws restricting or banning their use. Learn more about leaf blower regulations in your area.

Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Give your staff the durable, reliable hand tools they need when working on landscaping or gardening projects. Shovels, rakes, and wheelbarrows are ideal for installing and spreading mulch. Pruners and shears work great on flowering plants at your front entrance and in planters. Most hand tools from HD Supply are contractor quality with industrial strength to last for years.


Regular watering keeps your grass green and healthy and your flowers full of life and color. Sprinkler systems with multi-station irrigation controllers make watering easy and convenient, but they can be expensive to install and maintain. Programmable timers are a more affordable watering option and attach to the end of your garden hose for automatic watering. When you need spot watering for flowerbeds and shrubs, garden hoses and hand sprayers work nicely.


Indoor/Outdoor Planters

Durable planters filled with blooming flowers and lush greenery bring bright colors and natural beauty to entrances, patios, and common areas. Classic look planters have the look of real pottery but won't break, crack, or fade. Maintenance-free planter boxes can be grouped together to frame an entryway or define spaces inside and out.