Leaf Blower Regulations Leaf Blower Regulations Leaf Blower Regulations

Across the U.S., hundreds of cities and counties have passed laws restricting or banning the use of leaf blowers. Some places have limits on what time of day leaf blowers can be used, while others have specifically forbid gasoline-powered units. Even though different areas have different regulations, the various laws aim to improve noise and air pollution. Oftentimes electric leaf blowers, lower decibel models, or yard vacuums, can be good alternatives.

At this time there is no nationwide regulation regarding leaf blowers. Therefore, it's important you check with your city and/or county for the leaf blower ordinances in your area. Violation of your region's leaf blower laws could result in substantial fines to property owners, management companies, landscapers, and/or individual operators.

Below is a list of leaf blower regulations by region. This is for reference only. Double check with your city and/or county as laws can change over time.

Please select your state from the drop down list to see leaf blower regulations. Please note, not all regions have regulations. Check with your city and state for the most updated information.