As you plan your next painting project, you want to be sure you select the right paint for your property. Typically, the first thing people like to think about is the interior paint colors and color schemes. However, you also want to get the right finish and primer and have enough paint for the job.

Interior Paint Buying Guide Interior Paint Buying Guide Interior Paint Buying Guide

Purchase Enough Paint For Your Project

Generally, a gallon of top-quality paint should cover 250 to 400 square feet. If you are painting a porous surface or covering a darker color you may need extra paint. To be sure you have enough paint to cover the wall and the room you are working on, use this formula:

  • Measure the perimeter of the entire room and the wall height
  • Multiply the perimeter by the height
  • Subtract the square footage of any doors and windows. Tip: average windows are 15 square feet and average doors are 20 square feet
  • Add the ceiling square footage, if needed

Once you know the square footage of the area you are painting, add about 25% to allow for accidental spills or touch-ups.

You will also want to ensure you have the right equipment on hand for the project. Learn how to build your painter's tool kit and how to select the right paint applicator for every task.

Before you start your project, make sure to patch and repair and caulk any trouble areas.


Use a high-quality primer to help paint cover better and dry uniformly whether you're brushing, rolling, or spraying.


Color isn't the only choice to make when selecting wall paint. The paint finish determines the sheen, durability, and ease of cleaning. Before choosing a paint finish, consider the area you're painting. Is it a high traffic area that will need frequent cleaning such as kitchen or bathroom? Or is it a more private space like an office or sleeping area?

Custom colors and tinting

We offer latex enamel interior paint in a variety of sheens including:

  • Flat or matte—a low-sheen finish that helps hide imperfections; great for ceilings
  • Eggshell—has a rich look and slightly glossy appearance; resists dirt and is easy to clean
  • Semi-gloss—offers a more lustrous and durable finish; great for kitchens, bathrooms, doors, and trim
  • Gloss—features a brilliant, more radiant sheen; great for windows, doors, and cabinets
Custom colors and tinting

Custom Paint Tinting

Need to match an existing color or color swatch? We can help! Our paint experts can match any color you need. For more information, contact your local HD Supply sales representative.

Interior Stain

Interior stain adds color and character to wood and helps protect surfaces from indoor dust and dirt. Stains are available in oil and water based formulas and in three basic types:

  • Solid Color—hides the wood grain like a flat paint but not its texture
  • Semi-Transparent—enhances the wood's natural patterns
  • Transparent—creates a clear coat finish that showcases the natural beauty

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