The best professional airless paint sprayers, by Graco, PowerStroke, and Titan Tool, make big painting jobs easier. Taking the time to properly clean your airless paint sprayer after every use will help keep it in good working condition. Even the best airless paint sprayers will break down without proper care and cleaning.

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If you find the paint sprayer was put away before being properly cleaned, you will need to check it thoroughly. You will need to clean it and possibly make repairs. Before use, check the pump rod and packings for any dried paint. Using an airless paint sprayer with dried paint on the pump can cause serious and costly damage. Avoid this with regular cleaning and maintenance.


Inspect and clean your paint sprayer equipment before and after every use. For best results, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning. Cleaning a Graco airless paint sprayer may vary somewhat from a PowerStroke or Titan Tool brand sprayer, but generally speaking, you want to be sure to flush the system with water and/or mineral spirits, and clean the filters, tips, and valves. If you are worried about paint on the outside of your unit, cover the pump with a tarp while spraying to keep it clean.

Regular Maintenance

Get the most from your paint and your painting equipment with regular maintenance and proper storage. If your airless paint sprayer will be exposed to freezing winter temperatures during storage, use a pump-preserver that will resist freezing, such as mineral spirits or Graco Airless Paint Sprayer Pump Armor.

Taking care of your airless paint sprayer as a whole is important but maintaining the individual parts is necessary too. Here are some tips on maintaining these individual parts:

  • Filters —Inspect gun and pump filter elements for clogs or debris. Clean or replace.
  • Spray Tip—Replace your tip often. Using a wornout tip causes you to spray more paint than needed and results in extra wear and tear on your equipment. For latex paint, replace every 15-40 gallons. For oils and stains, replace every 35-60 gallons.
  • Packings—Inspect throat packing wet cup (area next to pump rod) for paint and/or fluid. Tighten if leaking. Always clean after each use.
  • Pump Inlet Strainer, Suction Tube, and Drain Tube—Inspect for hardened or dried-on paint, clogs, or debris. Clean or replace as needed.
  • Paint Hose—Check for damage, kinks, or leaks. Replace as needed.

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