The success of your painting project, big or small, depends on having the right paint supplies and tools. Be sure you have exactly what you need to do the job right from start to finish. You'll save time and have better results.

Professional Painting Supplies

Every professional paint tool kit, has particular items necessary for almost every project:

We have your professional painting supplies
  • Caulking—Seal any cracks or gaps in corners and between floor and ceiling trim and the drywall. Learn more about the different types of caulking.
  • Patching Supplies—Repairing dents in any of the surfaces should be done before every job. Patching and repair takes little time and makes a large impact. Learn more about how to patch and repair.
  • Brushes and Rollers—Save time and improve results by using the right paint applicators. Learn more about choosing paint applicator tools.
  • Paint Trays—When using a paint roller you need a paint tray, or paint pan, that is the right size for your tools. Paint trays can be made of plastic or metal and liners are available for easy cleanup. Deep well paint trays and liners hold more paint and are perfect for bigger projects.
  • Painter's Tape—Keep paint lines sharp with tape that removes cleanly from most surfaces including walls, wood trim, metal, and glass. Avoid using masking tape—it's difficult to remove and can allow paint to seep through.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)—Comply with OSHA safety standards and help prevent injuries on the job. Provide safety glasses, hand protection, and respiratory equipment to workers while painting. Learn more about PPE.
  • Ladders—Use a step ladder or extension ladder to safely paint walls, ceiling trim, and other hard-to-reach areas. We offer ladders in a variety of heights to meet your needs.
  • Drop Cloths—Protect floors, carpeting, rugs, furniture, electronics, and more while painting. Drop cloths are available in a variety of sizes and materials, including plastic, vinyl, paper, and canvas. Each type of drop cloth has its pros and cons:

    Type Advantages Disadvantages
    Plastic Drop Cloths or Vinyl Tarps Inexpensive, disposable No absorbency, spills will pool; must be weighed down
    Paper Drop Cloths Disposable One-time use only, not recommended for outdoor use
    Canvas Drop Cloths Heavier, thicker, reusable More expensive; will stain

To complete your paint kit, include other handy items such as rags, sandpaper, and cleaning supplies.

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