HD Supply Facilities Maintenance is your resource for solutions and information on facility and property safety in the workplace. We can help you reduce workplace injuries, maintain OSHA compliance, manage safety risks, and increase productivity.

Learn More About Emergency Eyewash Stations & Requirements

Learn about OSHA and ANSI standards for plumbed and portable eyewash stations.

Learn More About Employee Safety Information Requirements

Keep workers informed about safety by using Safety Data Sheets (SDS), hazard communication posters, and more.

Learn More About Fall Prevention Safety Requirements

Fall arrest systems, floor mats, and antislip paints and tape treads will help prevent falls in your facility.

Learn More About Fire Safety Guidelines

Having working smoke alarms and a good emergency plan can help save lives and minimize property damage.

Learn More About First Aid Equipment Requirements & Standards

Comply with OSHA and ANSI requirements for first aid kits and first aid supplies.

Learn More About Hazardous Material Storage Standards

Using storage cabinets, safety cans, and proper safety procedures will reduce risks of fires and exposure to hazardous materials.

Learn More About Lockout Tagout System Requirements

Learn how proper lockout/tagout procedures and devices prevent injury from machinery.

Learn More About Spill Control Program Standards

Pads, rolls, booms, and socks make cleaning up spills easier.

Learn More About Safety Sign Requirements

Stay compliant with OSHA and ANSI requirements for safety signs.

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