Outdoor lighting does more than enhance the beauty of your facility. It also helps residents, staff, and guests feel safer and more secure as they go from their car to the front door, and as they walk along sidewalks, or trails, or climb stairs.

Outdoor LED Fixtures

Make The Switch To LED Lighting

See your grounds in a new light. Upgrading exterior lighting to long-life, energy-efficient LEDs can have many benefits. Cost-efficient LED fixtures are ideal for hard-to-reach areas like pole lights and floodlights, and because LEDs use heat more efficiently, they are a far better choice in cold climates. Shop for LED bulbs and all exterior LED lighting.

Benefits Of Upgrading To New Lighting Fixtures

When you upgrade your exterior lighting to a more energy-efficient option, you'll not only save on utility expenses, but you will also improve your outdoor spaces.

Help Prevent Accidents

Ample lighting provides a clear view of the area and can help prevent someone from tripping over a curb, slipping on a wet surface, or stepping in pet waste, for example.

Nighttime Safety

Areas that are well-lit make people feel safer and more comfortable when they are outdoors after dark.

Deter Crime & Vandalism

Security lighting gives would-be criminals fewer places to lurk and hide. Learn more about how you can make your property safer and more secure.

Reduce Energy Costs

Switch to LED lighting and you can significantly reduce energy use. LED light fixtures are perfect for parking and other areas where lights need to stay on 24/7 for added safety and security. Learn more about the money-saving benefits of LED lighting.

Property Lighting Improvements

Review your property's existing lighting and identify areas for improvement. Where are the high-risk areas? What outdoor spaces do residents, guests, and employees use most? Do sidewalks and stairs have enough light? Do entrances and building exteriors feel safe and welcoming?

Once you answer these questions, select the right outdoor fixtures based on their locations. Make sure you perform an exterior light audit every year to ensure that light bulbs aren't burned out and fixtures are in the right locations.

Best places to add or upgrade security lighting:

  • At entrances and front doors
  • In garages and parking structures
  • Under building overhangs
  • On stairs, decks, patios, and porches
  • Along walking trails and sidewalks

Choose The Right Lights For Your Property

Wall lights are available in a variety of styles, finishes, and prices. Wall fixtures provide a warm, welcoming look and provide the right amount of light at front door entries, breezeways, porches, and decks.

Floodlights deliver a wider and brighter area of light. Floodlights with motion sensors provide enhanced safety and security by immediately alerting residents and guests to potential risks. Motion-activated floodlights also help conserve energy since they only illuminate when movement is detected. HD Supply stocks floodlights for all areas of your property, including LED fixtures, halogen fixtures, fluorescent fixtures, and more.

Landscape fixtures are a great way to accent flowerbeds and trees, illuminate signs, or light up walking trails, sidewalks, and steps.

Parking lot fixtures are essential in helping staff, guests, and residents find their cars and feel safe on your property.