These healthcare reference guides provide more detailed information about each type product, comparing material, dimensions, brands, and more.

• Gloves

Medical and exam gloves can be made of vinyl, nitrile, or latex. See the differences and benefits of various glove materials, thicknesses, and learn about sizing and proper fit. Download Medical Gloves Guide

• Mattresses

Choose the right mattress for your residents and patients. Review definitions and terms related to healthcare mattresses' layering, foam types, coverings, and zones. Compare brands, weight capacity, and warranties. Download Mattresses Guide

• Patient Beds

Review a glossary of the terms you will need to know as you shop for patient beds and consider various brands, sizes, deck styles, repair parts and more. Download Patient Beds Guide

• Patient Lifts

Find the right type of patient lifts and repair parts for your facility. Compare brands, weight capacities, cradle points, warranties, and more. Download Patient Lifts Guide

• Patient Privacy Curtains

See useful information about privacy curtains, floor gaps, mesh spacing and height, as well as curtain hardware options. Compare brands, patterns, materials, and style. Download Patient Privacy Curtains Guide

• Resident Room Furnishings

Compare resident room furniture collections, brands, and finishes; get more information on the advantages of various resident room furnishings materials including solid wood, wood veneer, high pressure laminates (HPL), and melamine. Download Resident Room Furnishings Guide

• Respiratory Equipment

Take a closer look at oxygen concentrators, including flow rate, oxygen pressure, sound rate level, and other essential respiratory care equipment needed in your facility. Included are questions to help you determine the best fit for your resident patient. Download Respiratory Equipment Guide

• Wheelchair Cushions

Be sure you have the best wheelchair cushions for your residents. Consider type, materials, shape, weight capacity and more. Download Wheelchair Cushions Guide

• Wheelchairs

The right wheelchair is essential to patient comfort as well as proper maintenance. Find measuring information, compare brands, finishes, styles, and more. Download Wheelchairs Guide