Keep wheelchairs in good working order to help protect patients and staff against accidents and injury. We offer universal wheelchair parts to fit most wheelchair brands.

Wheelchair Armrests

Armrests with universal hole patterns mean it will fit almost any wheelchair.

Wheelchair Foot & Legrests

Find the right repair part by first knowing how your footrests and legrests lock in: top latch or bottom latch. And measure your pin spacing: Hemi Cam (1-3/8" or 2-1/8") or Standard Cam (3-1/8")

Wheelchair Upholstery

Replace sagging and worn wheelchair backrests and seat slings to maintain posture and pressure relief. To get the right replacement upholstery, measure the width and the spacing between the grommets.

Wheelchair Locks & Wheelchair Lock Extensions

Wheelchair wheel locks, anti-rollback, and anti-tippers help prevent falls and patient injuries.

Wheelchair Tires, Inner Tubes & Repair Kits

Keep tires in good working order by checking pressure weekly and beware of overinflating tires. Flat tires make the wheelchair harder to push and turn. Try to keep tire pressure at the manufacturer's recommended level.


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