Sanitaire® constantly innovates to find new ways that make it easier for you to keep your facility looking fresh. They've done it again with the new Sanitaire® HydroClean hard floor washer that vacuums and washes in one step. No more spray bottles, mops, buckets, and cloths. Your staff can get more done in less time and prep critical spaces faster.

Sanitaire® offers multiple models that have earned the CRI Seal of Approval, including the CRI Gold-certified EON QuietClean®. In addition, Sanitaire® provides a wide range of traditional uprights, canisters, backpacks, and more.

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Sanitaire®: The Ultimate Time Machine

Sanitaire® makes the machines that take you back in time, reversing the effects of the day — and the night — and making everything look like new, so it can start all over again.

Sanitaire® EON QuietClean® Upright

Welcome to a new era of clean. Experience an exceptional clean — every time. The new EON™ QuietClean® upright earned the CRI Gold certification, includes a washable HEPA filter, and runs at only 68 dBA for 24/7 cleaning.

About Sanitaire®

Since 1972, Sanitaire® has built the longest lasting and most serviceable commercial upright vacuums available, becoming a leader in the industry in the process. Sanitaire® offers uprights, canisters, backpacks, floor machines, carpet cleaners, air movers, and accessories for commercial cleaning. Sanitaire® is part of the Electrolux® family of small appliances.