Sanitaire® helps keep your facility looking new by reversing the effects of the day. That's why it's called The Ultimate Time Machine™. Sanitaire® offers multiple models that have earned the CRI Seal of Approval, including the CRI Gold-certified EON™ QuietClean®. In addition, Sanitaire® provides a wide range of traditional uprights, QuietClean® uprights, canisters, backpacks, and more.

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Sanitaire®: The Ultimate Time Machine

Sanitaire® makes the machines that take you back in time, reversing the effects of the day — and the night — making everything look like new, so it can start all over again.

Sanitaire® EON QuietClean® Upright

Welcome to a new era of clean. Experience an exceptional clean — every time. The new EON™ QuietClean® upright earned the CRI Gold certification, includes a washable HEPA filter, and runs at only 68 dBA for 24/7 cleaning.

About Sanitaire®

Since 1972, Sanitaire® has built the longest lasting and most serviceable commercial upright vacuums available, becoming a leader in the industry in the process. Sanitaire® offers uprights, canisters, backpacks, floor machines, carpet cleaners, air movers, and accessories for commercial cleaning. Sanitaire® is part of the Electrolux® family of small appliances.