The kitchen is the workhorse of any home and will likely get extra attention from those thinking about renting from you. Depending on your timeframe and budget, consider updating cabinet hardware, replacing countertops, and adding new, energy-efficient appliances.

How long do you have to complete your project?


Replace damaged or missing cabinet doors, door hardware, wall outlets, and flooring.

Kitchens endure a lot of wear and tear from tenants who bang cupboard doors, small children breaking components, and messes that never get thoroughly cleaned up. You could say that the kitchen is usually the messiest room in the house. That means that in between tenants, you should always replace and repair items so that damage never turns into a serious problem. Take the time to replace all damaged cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and drawer boxes. Repair shelving and thoroughly clean every inch of the kitchen. Patch and paint the walls, clean the blinds and windows, and replace hardware or other elements that are old or broken. Clean out light fixtures and replace light bulbs. Consider upgrading to LED bulbs for excellent efficiency. Before handing over the keys, make sure the kitchen is completely clean and fresh-looking, feeling, and smelling. Your new tenants will love the clean kitchen.


Stock up on common parts for ranges and refrigerators for quick repairs.

If you have a week for repairs in between tenants, you can do a whole lot more to keep your property up-to-date. Make a space in your own house or garage for replacement parts for your property, including common parts for stove ranges, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Check all appliances in the kitchen and replace parts as needed. Arrange for a plumber and electrician to come in during the week the property is empty to check in and replace components that are old or broken. Replace broken cupboard fronts, drawer fronts and boxes, and problematic hardware. Update the sink faucet and repair the sink, as needed. Repair light fixtures, replace broken outlet and light switch covers, and repair blinds or window coverings. Patch and paint the walls and replace light bulbs with LED bulbs. Clean everything from top to bottom and admire the clean, updated space!


Update kitchens with new appliances, disposers, and faucets to get higher rents.

When you have up to a month for repairs in between tenants, you can transform the space into a modern, attractive kitchen that will command a higher rental fee. Replace appliances with newer, higher quality, and more efficient appliances. Replace the garbage disposal in the sink and check on the plumbing while you're at it. Replace the sink faucet and maybe even the sink itself, if it needs updating. Repair or replace cupboard fronts, drawer fronts and boxes, and hardware. Update the light fixtures and install LED bulbs for ultra-efficient lighting. Patch and paint the walls, replace the light switch and outlet covers, and replace the blinds or window coverings. Check everything to ensure nothing is broken or outdated. Clean the kitchen from top to bottom. Then enjoy the delight of the new tenant's comments about the wonderful kitchen!


Renovations can attract new residents and increase rents. Our Property Improvement team can help.

Old, outdated kitchens can be a deal breaker for new tenants. They can also attract the kind of tenants you don't want and they reduce the amount you can ask for in rent. Once a kitchen is looking old, it's time to give yourself a month or more to renovate the space so it will be modern and attractive once again. Assess the style of the kitchen to determine what is not working with the space and what is fine to leave alone. You may need to replace all the cupboards and cabinets, or you might simply need to refinish or repaint them. If the kitchen has an awkward space, call in an expert to help you decide how to rearrange it so that the space flows nicely. Replace outdated windows, blinds, light fixtures, the sink and faucet, the disposal, and flooring. Update the appliances for maximum efficiency and a modern look. Update the colors in the room and give the walls a nice, bright coat of paint. Once the kitchen is new looking, modern feeling, and gives the impression that the property is newer than it is, tenants will be in a hurry to live there. Your property value will go up and you'll be able to charge higher rental fees. Win-win all around!