When replacing or installing a new toilet, you have many choices to consider, ranging from size to water usage. To make it easier for you, we have highlighted our top brands and their different features.

Seasons ® Seabrook Toilets

The Seasons Seabrook toilet collection has many hard-to-find features like:

10", 12", or 14" Rough-in
With multiple options, you get the exact size you need for your bathroom.
Compact Elongated Bowl Option
Ideal for small bathrooms, the compact elongated design is a great alternative to round toilet bowls.
Low-Profile Tank Option
A smaller, low-profile tank means it will fit under all countertops easily.
Most Powerful Flush
Industry-leading flushing performance with 1,000 MaP score saves on maintenance costs.
ADA Compliant Options
Find toilet bowls and tanks that meet ADA requirements.
Seasons Seabrook has the industry's largest footprint!
Industry's Largest Footprint
Often floor repairs are needed once a new toilet is installed. This larger toilet footprint covers flooring imperfections, saving you time and money.
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Seasons ® Gramercy Park™ Toilets

Seasons Gramercy Park Toilets

Seasons Gramercy Park toilets are designed for professional property managers with an eye for upscale comforts.

Industry's Largest Footprint
This larger toilet footprint (11 12 x 21 12) covers flooring imperfections caused during repair, saving you time and money.
Fluidmaster Components
The most trusted, and best known internal components, including brass shank fill valve and flapper.
Most Powerful Flush
Industry-leading flushing performance with 1000 MaP score saves on maintenance costs.
Anti-Microbial Glaze
Specialty glaze baked into the bowl delivers long-lasting color integrity.
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Niagara Conservation ® Toilets

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For ultra-water conservation, choose Niagara Conservation toilets. The Ecologic Niagara Flapperless ® toilets deliver a high-performance flush at 1.28 GPF. They are maintenance-free—no need to replace flappers, chains, or levers. The tip-bucket technology means no double flushing; one flush will empty the bowl every time.

Available in 1.28 GPF and 1.6 GPF

The 1.28 GPF model uses up to 60% less water than standard 3.5 GPF toilets. The 1.6 GPF model has a large footprint.

  • Adjustable rough-in from 10" to 12"
  • EPA WaterSense certified
  • Quiet—flapperless system eliminates refill noise
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Fluidmaster fill valve
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Penguin Toilets ®

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Penguin toilets are the only ones on the market that offer overflow protection. The innovative secondary drain system directs water through a separate line in the event of a clog.

  • Fluidmaster fill valve and flapper
  • Most Powerful Flush—1,000 MaP Score
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American Standard™ Toilets

Shop American Standard Toilets & Urinals

American Standard toilets and urinals are best known for their maximum flushing power and the industry's best warranty.

  • EverClean Surface
  • Maximum Flushing Power
  • Options that conform with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Fair Housing Act (FHA), and Multifamily Housing Resource Program (MHRP)
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Caroma ® Toilets

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Caroma toilets are known for sustainability and style. Caroma's dual flush and washdown technology significantly reduces water use.

Washdown Technology

Caroma's washdown toilets release water into the bowl through an open rim design. The water moves quickly and efficiently creating a flush that is fast and powerful. Because washdown toilets do not rely on creating a siphon effect in the trapway, the size of the trapway does not have to be reduced. Caroma toilets feature a generous 4 inch trapway, reducing the possibility of clogs.

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Gerber ® Toilets

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Gerber toilets and urinals are ideal for heavy use situations. They have an exclusive secure multipoint mounting system and a unique rim jet design for full rinse coverage.

  • Non-sweating insulated tank
  • Noncorrosive brass tank bolts
  • Extra-large water surface keeps bowl clean
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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Kohler ® Toilets

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Kohler is dedicated to long term water conservation across their various Kohler toilet models. Kohler's Comfort Height Toilets are about two inches taller than a standard toilet which makes sitting down and standing up easier.

Powerful Flush
Many Kohler toilets can remove two pounds of waste in one flush.
Precision water delivery means no more clogs.
Drylock™ Fast Install
Kohler's DryLock Fast Install System saves you time. Installations are fast and foolproof with a socket wrench.
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