Rust-Oleum Pool Paint

Make Pools, Hot Tubs, & Fountains Look Like New

Restore the sparkle to the pools, hot tubs, and fountains on your property with the right Rust-Oleum pool paint. Choose the right pool paint based on surface type, dry times, durability, and cost. Acrylic pool paints and epoxy pool paints are the most common types of coatings used for these applications.

Rust-Oleum Pool Paint

Acrylic Pool Paint Advantages

Acrylic pool paints will save you time in labor. Get long-term performance from Rust-Oleum acrylic pool paint.

  • Fast dry time and low odor
  • Pools and fountains are ready to fill three days after the final application
  • Great value per square foot
  • Use on synthetic or chlorinated rubber
  • Great UV protection

Rust-Oleum Pool Paint

Epoxy Pool Paint Advantages

Epoxy pool paints offer long-lasting protection for concrete, plaster, gunite, and fiberglass pools, fountains, spas, and hot tubs. With Rust-Oleum epoxy pool paint kits, you won't need to repaint as often. When it's time to repaint, you'll use less paint because previously coated surfaces require less paint.

  • Excellent stain, chemical, and abrasion resistance
  • VOC compliant nationwide
  • Coverage of up to 700 square feet on a previously coated surface

Rust-Oleum Pool Paint

Pool Paint Prep Tips

Before coating the swimming pool, fountain, or hot tub, prepare the surface. Rust-Oleum Pool Cleaner & Prep Solution cleans and removes mineral deposits. It also makes concrete surfaces more porous for better coating performance.

Learn more about Rust-Oleum's pool paints, pool cleaner and prep solution by watching this short video.

Learn more about Rust-Oleum's pool paints and pool cleaner and prep solution in this short video