See a diagram that guides you through checking sub-cooling. Download the Checking Sub-Cooling for AC & Heat Pumps Reference Guide in English or Spanish.


See a diagram that helps explain checking superheat. Download the Checking Superheat for AC & Heat Pumps Reference Guide.

Pressure Temperature

Get information on refrigerant temperatures in this useful chart. Download the Pressure Temperature Chart Reference Guide.

R-22 Reference Guide

Ensure your R-22 system runs at peak performance. Download the: Keep your R-22 System Running Longer Reference Guide.

Compressor/Condenser Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot common problems affecting your compressor/condensers. Download the Compressor/Condenser Trouble Shooting Reference Guide.

Change R-22 System To R-410A System Using Same Indoor Coils

Learn how to replace an R-22 air conditioner with a 13 SEER or 14 SEER R-410A air conditioner using an existing R-22 indoor unit. Download Procedures on How To Change R-22 Systems To R-410A Systems Using Same Indoor Coils.

Heat Pump Installation & Service Reference

Learn how to install and service heat pumps. Download the Heat Pump Installation Service Reference Guide.