Communities designed for walking can attract residents and boost property values. How walkable is your property? Services like will rate your property's walkabilty and provide a Walk Score Badge that can be used to promote your apartment community to prospective renters.

Walkability and Walk Scores are based on the comfort and safety of pedestrians as well as distances to neighborhood amenities like shops, restaurants, and parks. You may not be able to control what's down the street, but you can improve your own outdoor spaces so that walkers feel safe and welcome, and part of a community.

Key elements to improve walkability on your property


A well-lit path invites evening strolls and increases safety in your community. Low wattage Seasons LED outdoor lighting is affordable to use and is the most energy efficient option available. A perfect choice for outdoor settings, LED lighting systems can withstand wind, rain, freezing temperatures, and even vandalism. LED bulbs have an average life span of up to 50,000 hours compared to about 1,200 hours for incandescent bulbs.


Well-groomed landscaping not only improves your property's curb appeal, but it can also make it more walkable. Low-trimmed bushes and shrubs, shade trees, and grass all help define the walkable spaces, and separate the traffic areas from the pedestrians.

Paths & Parking

Walkable paths and sidewalks are well-maintained and easy to use. Parking spaces and pedestrian crossings should be clearly marked. Use parking lot stencils, parking lot safety signs, and traffic zone striping paint to define parking and pedestrian areas. Help keep walkers and drivers safe on your property by filling potholes and cracks as needed. Also, consider traffic flow and parking lot safety when choosing where to install bicycle racks, show residents you care about their fitness and security.

Pet Areas

Make dog walkers feel welcome by establishing pet-friendly spaces. Install pet waste bag dispensers and stations to encourage cleanup. Pet owners will clean up, if it's easy. Carefully placed pet waste bags help keep grounds tidy and reduce maintenance tasks for property management.

Trash Receptacles

Outdoor trash cans and receptacles are key to keeping grounds clean and walkable. Litter is not only ugly, it's a health hazard. Keep America Beautiful Inc. found that people litter when:

  • There is no sense of ownership for the property
  • They believe someone else will clean up
  • Litter is already present

Give residents the chance to feel pride in their home and outdoor spaces. Place outdoor recycling bins in common areas like the pool, parking lots, and pathways so that walkers can dispose of trash properly, keeping your property pretty.

Gathering Spaces

When neighbors and friends can walk over and enjoy the playground, pool, or picnic area, they feel connected to the space and to the community. They may be more likely to pick up litter, report problems, and have pride in their neighborhood and apartment community. Keeping your property's playground equipment, sitting areas, grills, and other common areas up to par not only adds to your property's value, but it also provides a safe and inviting environment for residents and guests.