Replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs is a great first step towards more cost-effective lighting, but don't stop there. Upgrade your light fixtures too. Switching to integrated LED light fixtures gives your bulbs longer life, while giving any room a modern, updated look.

Choosing an Integrated LED Light Fixture

There are many reasons to choose an integrated LED light fixtures, including:

Reduced Heat Build-up

An enclosed light fixture with incandescent or halogen bulbs radiates heat differently than a LED fixture. Integrated LED fixtures draw heat away from the bulb with a heat sink, a passive device that absorbs heat and dissipates it into the surrounding environment. This prevents the LEDs from overheating and improves performance and longevity.

Rated To Last 11 Years

LED technology has advanced to the point that many integrated LED light fixtures now have 50,000 average hour life. So how long is 50,000 hours? Operating 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, integrated LED light fixtures can last up to 11 years!

Updates Property Appearance

If your current lighting fixtures have a dated look, consider replacing them with more modern and efficient integrated LED light fixtures. New fixtures are often noticed by your residents and guests and add value to your property's décor. We offer a variety of LED light fixture styles and options for every budget.

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