Beautiful landscaping and a fresh coat of exterior paint improve curb appeal, but you can do more to make your grounds attractive, safe, and welcoming to everyone.

Make the Most of Outdoor Areas

Become Dog-Friendly

Let dog owners know that their pets are welcome with dog park equipment and pet waste cleanup stations. Adding dog park equipment gives dogs a dedicated space where they can play, exercise, and have fun. Place dog waste bags and bag dispensers around your property to encourage dog owners to pick up after their pets. This helps prevent smelly and unhealthy dog poop from piling up, which means cleaner grounds and lower maintenance costs. Learn how to make your property more pet-friendly.

Use Appropriate Signs

Signs are important for safety, navigation, identification, and rule compliance. There are different sign types available depending on your needs.

  • For short-term applications such as promotions and special events, choose promotional bursts.
  • Long-lasting, commercial quality aluminum signs offer a more permanent solution. They won't rust and are ideal for traffic and speed control, handicap parking, pool and recreation areas, and common spaces.
  • Specialty signs are more durable than real wood and require less maintenance. Safety signs are used to indicate rules, cautions, fire hazards, and emergencies, and to also alert residents, visitors, and guest to potential dangers that may not be immediately obvious.

Most sign types from HD Supply are available in fully custom, semi-custom, or stock message designs. Each has its own unique benefits. Learn more about getting the right signs for your property.

Create Relaxing Spaces

Make outdoor areas even more enjoyable. Add attractive benches along walking trails or at the dog park and playground. Install charcoal grills or gas grills and picnic tables in common areas to help promote community or family togetherness. Place comfortable seating such as folding chairs, Adirondack chairs, and chaises around the pool, fire pits, and on patios or decks. In cooler weather, have outdoor heaters available to encourage year-round use of your amenities. All are cost-effective additions that pay dividends for years to come.

Reduce Litter

Most people only hold trash for about 12 steps before littering. Place trash receptacles and smoking stations in convenient locations to keep trash where it belongs — off the ground and in outdoor trash containers. Even better, encourage recycling by installing recycling centers and recycling trash cans to help reduce waste going into landfills. Studies show residents and guests will often pay more to support facilities committed to "going green." Learn more about how HD Supply can help you reduce your environmental impact.

Support Active Lifestyles

Install bike racks around your school, business complex, or apartment community to encourage exercise and healthier lifestyles. Bike riders will feel welcome when they see that you offer them a safe, secure place to park and lock up their bikes. Bike racks are easy to install, available in many different sizes, and work in a variety of locations.

Provide Secure Mailboxes

Ideal for multifamily, office complexes, and long-term healthcare facilities, our 4C standard horizontal mailboxes and cluster mailbox units offer enhanced security and more efficient commercial mail delivery and distribution. Approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS), these mailboxes are available with multiple numbered mailbox units and are offered in a variety of sizes and colors.

The STD-4C is the current USPS regulation for any centralized, wall-mounted mail delivery in new construction and major renovations. The STD-4C regulation requires:

  • At least one customer compartment shall be positioned less than 48" from the finished floor
  • No parcel locker compartment (interior bottom shelf) shall be positioned less than 15" from the finished floor
  • No patron (tenant) lock shall be located more than 67" above the finished floor
  • No customer compartment (interior bottom shelf) shall be positioned less than 28" from the finished floor
  • The USPS Arrow lock shall be located between 36-48" above the finished floor

Practice Good Pest Control

Keep your property and individual units free of unwanted guests such as ants, roaches, fleas, spiders, flying insects, bedbugs, rodents, and other pests. Not only are these creatures bad for business, but many are considered a public health concern by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Use highly effective pesticides and poisons to kill these annoying pests and small rodents quickly and efficiently. You can also use animal repellents and animal traps as a more humane way to deal with annoying squirrels, chipmunks, and birds.

Put More Play in Playground Areas

Give children a fun and safe place to play while giving parents peace of mind. Commercial quality playground systems meet ASTM F1487 safety standards and comply with ADA regulations. Freestanding play equipment makes your property even more family friendly. Use playground safety signs to post safety rules and play hours. Learn more about our easy to install commercial playground equipment.

Fly Your Flags Throughout the Year

High-flying flags create an impressive entrance display and help bring positive attention to your property. Show pride and patriotism with a durable nylon canvas American flag front and center. Surround it with your state flag and a custom flag with your property's name, logo, and colors. Remember to replace flags at the first sign of tattering or fraying and dispose of American and state flags in accordance with established flag protocol. Our heavy-duty, rustproof steel and aluminum flagpoles are available in a variety of heights and diameters.