Taking the time to choose the right kitchen disposer now can save time and avoid problems later on. InSinkErator® and Maintenance Warehouse® offer value and performance, and can provide trouble-free service for years.

Maintenance Warehouse® Disposers

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When it comes to quality, accept no substitutes. Assembled in the USA and backed by a manufacturer's limited warranty, Maintenance Warehouse® disposers are engineered to outperform and outlast lower-cost alternatives. Maintenance Warehouse® disposers with preattached power cords eliminate electrical work for plug-and-go ease.

Available in 1/2 horsepower or 1/3 horsepower, Maintenance Warehouse® waste disposers deliver reliable performance you can trust at an affordable price you'll only find at HD Supply. And with time-saving features like quick-lock mounting, installation is a breeze.

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InSinkErator® Badger

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All Badger™ disposers from InSinkErator® have noncorrosive grind chambers and a quick-lock sink mount. They also come in a range of horsepower: 3/4, 1/3 and 1/2.

Upgrading to the 1/2 horsepower Badger™ could boost your bottom line. Higher horsepower means fewer service calls. Plus, you get twice the warranty of the 1/3 horsepower models.

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InSinkErator® Evolution

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InSinkErator® is the largest manufacturer of food waste disposers, and their Evolution™ line of disposers includes SoundSeal® technology for quieter performance. The Evolution Compact™ is a space-saving option with 3/4 horsepower—the same power as the Evolution Essential™.

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Disposer Warranties At A Glance

Disposers Warranty Period
Disposers Maintenance Warehouse® 1/2 horsepower Warranty Period2 year
Disposers Maintenance Warehouse® 1/3 horsepower Warranty Period1 year
Disposers InSinkErator® Badger 5 XP 3/4 horsepower Warranty Period3 year in-home
Disposers InSinkErator® Badger 5 3/4 horsepower Warranty Period2 year in-home
Disposers InSinkErator® Badger 1 1/3 horsepower Warranty Period1 year in-home
Disposers InSinkErator® Evolution Essential 3/4 horsepower Warranty Period6 year in-home
Disposers InSinkErator® Evolution Compact 3/4 horsepower Warranty Period4 year in-home

Tips For Using Disposers

Providing your residents and staff with these three simple tips can help keep the disposers and plumbing working efficiently on your property.

3 Tips For Disposer Use:

  1. Run motor and water until grinding is complete. Then run water for another 15 seconds to wash away any remaining sludge.
  2. Always use cold water so grease and oils will solidify for grinding, rather than settling in the pipes.
  3. Keep it clean. Run the garbage disposer with a little soap for a minute or so after washing dishes.

Plumbing Legislation

Stay informed and compliant on legislation related to plumbing products.

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