Vinyl flooring is a great alternative to carpet, stone, tile, and wood flooring. Available as vinyl tiles or planks, vinyl floors are affordable, stylish, and long-lasting. Vinyl flooring is soft and warm under foot and can mimic the look of hardwood, travertine, or slate. Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for commercial and residential properties because it is affordable, durable, and easy to install and maintain.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is a popular choice because of its stylish looks and affordability. Especially in apartment settings, vinyl planking has become more popular than carpet. On average, vinyl plank floors last 10 years or more compared to carpet, which can need replacing every two to five years. Vinyl plank flooring is easy to install and care for, giving you the look of hardwood or stone, without the expense or maintenance.

Vinyl planking is available in different thicknesses and installation types. Use the chart below to see a side by side comparison of the various planking we offer to find the best choice for your facility.

  Innsbruck Vinyl Plank
Derby Vinyl Plank
Luxe Vinyl Plank
Liberty Vinyl Plank
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Brands InnsbruckEarthwerks DerbyEarthwerks LuxeArmstrong LibertyEarthwerks
Warranty Innsbruck20-Year Residential Derby20-Year Residential Luxe15-Year Residential Liberty30-Year Residential
Thickness Innsbruck2mm Derby2mm Luxe2.79mm Liberty4mm
Wear Layer Innsbruck8 mil
Derby8 mil
Luxe12 mil
Liberty11 mil
Enhanced Urethane
Patterns Available Innsbruck3 Derby3 Luxe3 Liberty3
Ease to Maintain & Repair InnsbruckEasy DerbyEasy LuxeEasy LibertyEasy
DIY Expertise Level InnsbruckIntermediate DerbyBeginner LuxeBeginner LibertyIntermediate
Installation Method InnsbruckGlue-Down DerbySelf-Stick LuxeFloating – Self-Adhesive Strips LibertyFloating – Rapid-Clic
Tools Needed to Install? InnsbruckAdhesive, Trowel, Vinyl Tile Cutter or Straight Edge and Razor Blade DerbyVinyl Tile Cutter (Recommended) or Razor Blade and Straight Edge LuxeVinyl Tile Cutter (Recommended) or Razor Blade and Straight Edge LibertyVinyl Tile Cutter (Recommended) or Razor Blade and Straight Edge

Pet-Friendly Flooring Alternative

Pet-friendly properties are in demand and can earn more in rent. Vinyl plank flooring is the perfect option to welcome pets. Carpeting can absorb odors, harbor fleas, and stain easily; vinyl flooring is attractive, affordable, durable, moisture resistant, and easy to clean.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tiles are similar to vinyl planks–they are made of similar materials but have a different shape and appearance. Vinyl tiles are square, not rectangular and can offer the look of real stone, slate, or ceramic floors in residential properties without the expense or maintenance. They are stain and moisture resistant and more forgiving than stone or ceramic, making it a great choice for residential kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl tile flooring is simple to install and warmer underfoot than other, more expensive stone floors.

We offer top-quality vinyl tile flooring. Use this comparison chart to help you decide which is best for your property, considering warranty, pricing, and more.

  Winton Vinyl Tile
Winton Tile
Units Vinyl Tile
Units Tile
Afton Vinyl Tile
Afton Tile
Summit Vinyl Tile
Summit Tile
Caliber Vinyl Tile
Caliber Tile
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Brands Winton TileWinton Tile Units TileArmstrong Afton TileArmstrong Summit TileEarthwerks Caliber TileArmstrong
Warranty Winton Tile1-Year Units Tile5-Year Afton Tile10-Year Summit Tile10-Year Caliber TileLifetime
Thickness Winton Tile.045 Units Tile.045 Afton Tile.065 Summit Tile.080 Caliber Tile.080
Wear Layer Winton TileNo-Wax Finish Units TileNo-Wax Finish Afton TileNo-Wax Finish Summit TileNo-Wax Finish Caliber TileUrethane No-Wax Wear Layer
Patterns Available Winton Tile19 Units Tile3 Afton Tile1 Summit Tile9 Caliber Tile4
DIY Expertise Level Winton TileBeginner Units TileBeginner Afton TileBeginner Summit TileBeginner Caliber TileBeginner
Installation Method Winton TileSelf-Stick Units TileSelf-Stick Afton TileSelf-Stick Summit TileSelf-Stick Caliber TileSelf-Stick
Tools Needed to Install? Winton TileVinyl Tile Cutter (Recommended) or Razor Blade and Straight Edge Units TileVinyl Tile Cutter (Recommended) or Razor Blade and Straight Edge Afton TileVinyl Tile Cutter (Recommended) or Razor Blade and Straight Edge Summit TileVinyl Tile Cutter (Recommended) or Razor Blade and Straight Edge Caliber TileVinyl Tile Cutter (Recommended) or Razor Blade and Straight Edge

Vinyl Floor Care

Vinyl floors are durable, but do require proper care and cleaning. Protect your vinyl floors by using floormats to catch dirt and debris.

To clean vinyl floors:

Never use:

  • Abrasive scrubbers or steel wool
  • Detergents, abrasive cleaners, or wax-type polish
  • Ammonia-based cleaners

Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)

Vinyl composite tile (VCT) flooring is especially durable and resistant to abrasions and impact damage. It is typically used in schools and commercial buildings in high-traffic area, such as lobbies, classrooms, and hallways. VCT is available in a variety of styles and patterns making it a popular choice and meets HUD/FHA requirements.

VCT Floor Care

Clean VCT flooring regularly by sweeping or dust mopping to remove dust, dirt, and grit. This will keep debris from grinding into the surface and damaging the finish.

To clean VCT Floors:

  • Dry any spills immediately
  • Damp mop or machine clean with a properly diluted neutral detergent
  • Buff or burnish to restore gloss as needed or apply floor polish.

Avoid these common maintenance mistakes:

  • Do not wet wash or machine scrub for least four days after installation. This prevents excess moisture from interfering with the adhesive bond.
  • Do not use excessive amounts of liquid during maintenance
  • Do not use brown, black pads, or highly-abrasive brushes
  • Always use proper warning signs until the floor is completely dry to prevent accidents

Vinyl Flooring Installation

Installing vinyl planks, tiles, and VCT flooring is a straightforward process, but does take careful work and patience. If needed, HD Supply offers flooring installation services.

General tips for every type of vinyl include:

  • Remove flooring materials from cartons and allow them acclimate to the room temperature and condition for 48 hours before installation. Conditions should be the same temperature and humidity level as expected during normal use.
  • Remove baseboards and prepare the subfloor so that it is clean, dry, and level.
  • For concrete substrates, conduct moisture testing according to ASTM F 1869-98
  • Measure the room and decide the layout of your flooring.
  • Have flooring tools such as a straight edge and razor blade or vinyl tile cutter on hand to cut and trim tiles as needed.
  • Vinyl flooring should not be installed over carpeting.
  • Once installed, do not wash vinyl for at least four days; excess moisture will affect the adhesive bond.
  • Always follow manufacturer's instructions.