Vanity lights are one of the first things your residents and guests notice in bathrooms. Impress them right away with a beautiful light style that complements your existing fixtures and décor. Whether your property has a traditional or contemporary design, we have a large selection of vanity lights that will make a style statement for years to come.

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Vanity Lighting Tips

Use these vanity lighting tips to help bathrooms shine brighter:

Choose a Style that Matches Your Property

  • Keep in mind the look of your bathroom and the amount of light you want. The brightness of the light should always complement the room, not overpower it. For smaller bathrooms, choosing a three-light bar vanity fixture might be a smarter solution, while more dramatic lighting is appropriate for larger bathrooms.

Get the Right Size

  • Never choose a light fixture that is wider than your sink vanity. It not only disrupts the symmetry of the room, but can also cast too much light into bath surroundings. If the bathroom has a mirror, make sure the bath light bar covers no more than 75% of the mirror's width.

Choose the Right Finish

  • Avoid having mismatched fixtures. Create a cohesive look with lighting fixtures that coordinate with the cabinet hardware, towel bar, robe hooks, etc.

Use CFLs and LED Bulbs

  • Compact fluorescent (CFL) and LED light bulbs last longer and emit far less heat than halogen lighting. Plus, they save money on utility bills and bulb replacements.

Vanity Lighting Choices

To choose the right vanity lighting consider the style of your property and look you want. Some popular vanity lighting choices include:

  • Bath light bars with two to five lights are one of the most popular lighting choices for multifamily, hospitality, and healthcare facilities. For a clean look, center bath light bars over the mirror and sink. For longer vanities or double sinks, use two bath light bars.
  • Wall sconces mounted on either side of the mirror are stylish alternatives to light bars. Popular in bathrooms and hallways, wall sconces can act as decorative accents and provide additional lighting in any room.
  • Pendants and ceiling fixtures in a matching pair add style and focused light over vanities and sinks. Pendant lights and ceiling fixtures work well in most settings, including hall and in-room baths in hospitality, healthcare, and institutional settings.

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