Entryway, Patio & Balcony

Safety will likely be a top priority for any prospect visiting your property. Ensure that each entryway is brightly lit and exterior doors have secure locks that have been re-keyed. This additional expense will be well worth it, since most people will not rent in a community where they feel uneasy or unsafe.

How long do you have to complete your project?


Brighten entryways and patios with LED lighting, and remember to re-key locks.

The impression a prospect gets when they first walk in the front door will color how they see the rest of the unit, so make sure to not neglect this part of the unit in between tenants. Clean the windows and blinds thoroughly, and scrub out all corners of the entryway. Wash down the front door and hardware, both front and back. Clean the patio, trimming hedges and other plants that are overgrown. Install LED lighting inside the entryway and solar LED lights along the pathway leading to the entryway. Clean light fixtures inside and outside and replace broken bulbs. Don't forget to re-key the locks for safety. Patch and paint the walls, giving the space an overall clean, fresh look. Your new tenants will be impressed as they walk in the front door.


Repair broken light fixtures, cracked paint, and torn screens.

When you have a whole week to work on updating your property, pay more attention to the entryway. Clean the whole space thoroughly, both inside and outside. Clean the windows and blinds, and replace torn window screens. Clean light fixtures and replace broken parts. Install LED light bulbs for extra efficiency. Patch and paint the walls of the entryway and check the exterior paint right outside the door. Do some exterior spot painting to freshen up the look. Repair outdoor lights and install walkway solar LED lights for better night visibility and safety. Rekey the exterior door locks for safety, as well. Clean the entryway carpets, tile, or wood flooring thoroughly. Replace any broken components and give the whole space another wipe down. Prospective tenants will think it's a newly remodeled space!


When time permits, replace worn and outdated fixtures, doors, and flooring.

Entryways can put up with a lot of wear and tear over the years, as snow, rain, and mud get tracked inside. Every few years, it's time to do a more extensive update to make sure the space is cared for and will continue to last for years to come. Updated spaces attract more tenants and command higher rental fees, as well. First, take note of the fixtures that are outdated and/or worn. Purchase modern replacements and install them in the space. Replace the flooring with clean, updated options that are good for high traffic areas. Make sure the floor is really easy for tenants to keep clean. Patch and paint the walls, replace worn windows and screens, and update light fixtures. Install new blinds and rekey the locks on the door. Make sure the door is up-to-date and replace components that are worn. Give the entire space a thorough clean, inside and outside. Your property value will increase and your new tenants will be impressed with the modern entry.


Renovations can attract new residents and increase rents. Our Property Improvement team can help.

With all the wear and tear that entryways endure over the years, it becomes an important space to update regularly. First impressions matter and a grand entryway might be what your ideal tenant is looking for. Start by deciding how you could improve the space. Increase the size of the entryway, if possible. Install windows that bring in plenty of natural light and are aesthetically pleasing. Replace the front door with something more modern and add sidelights or other features to really bring attention to the door. Replace light fixtures with high-end, modern fixtures and install LED bulbs. Consider adding a built-in or storage space to make the entryway more functional and organized. Update the wall texture, patch holes, and give the whole space a fresh coat of paint. Add solar LED lights along the pathway outside for better night visibility. Add other finishing touches that will make the space feel fresh and modern. You will instantly be able to charge more for rent and have tenants that are thrilled to live in the space for a long time.