Because residents can spend up to a third of the day there, bedrooms may need more TLC than other spaces. In high-use areas like this, cleanliness, paint, outlet covers, and door locks go a long way to making bedrooms look new again.

How long do you have to complete your project?


Refresh bedrooms by cleaning carpets, updating door hardware, and changing light bulbs.

If you've got a short turnaround time, focus on the most important parts of sprucing up the bedrooms. Do an overall review of the room, ensuring that it has a generally clean appearance. Then work on scrubbing the carpets so they smell and look clean, especially if your previous tenants had pets. If there is wood or tile in the room, give it a good sweep and mop. Consider using an anti-bacterial or wood-conditioning cleaner. Burned-out light bulbs can be a turnoff for new tenants, so take the time to replace them. Consider upgrading to ultra-efficient LED bulbs while you're at it and wipe out the light fixtures to remove dead bugs and accumulated dirt and dust. Do some basic dusting throughout the room, closet, and windowsills. Give the room a final look to ensure it has a clean appearance. This will ensure that the new tenants keep it that way during the duration of their lease.


Repair closet rods and racks, door fixtures, walls, and blinds.

When you have a little more time to work on a property, you can focus on more detailed projects. This means doing more than just carpet cleaning, dusting, and replacing light bulbs. Accomplish all of the refresh tasks from above after you've done some upgrading and replacing. First, check the bedroom closets for broken elements. Make a list of the items that are broken or outdated that need to be replaced. Take a look at the closet rods, racks, and shelves. Test the door fixtures to make sure everything works properly and write down what doesn't. Make note of holes and dirty sections of the walls. Check out the blinds to see if they need to be fixed. Order all of the parts you will need for repairs and plan to spend a few hours per bedroom. Once everything is repaired, clean the entire room including the carpets. The bedroom should look almost as good as new.


Update bedrooms with new ceiling fans, blinds, and flooring.

When you're ready to get serious about improving your rental property, it's time to do some upgrades. Every few years, it's a good idea to give the property a short break from tenants so you can spend a few weeks updating everything. First, assess the damage to the bedroom. Decide if damaged items need to be repaired or replaced. Make all necessary repairs, patching up holes in walls, and replacing light bulbs. Then put a fresh coat of paint on the walls throughout the room. Replace all blinds in the room and thoroughly wash windows. Update bedroom fixtures by installing a new light and ceiling fan, and replacing any other lighting features. Rip up the old carpet and replace with brand new, plush carpeting. For hard floors, consider updating the tile or refinishing the wood floors. Clean up the room, wiping up any remaining messes. Then sweep and mop or vacuum floors. The bedroom should feel like a completely new space.


Renovations can attract new residents and increase rents. Our Property Improvement team can help.

If your property was built several decades ago, it's likely that it is starting to look pretty out of date. Once this occurs, you won't be able to charge as much monthly rent as you could if it were updated. It's time to do some major renovations to make your property stand out as an appealing option to prospective tenants once again. You might need to add a bathroom to your master bedroom to create an attractive master suite. Increase the size of the bedroom for a luxurious feel or to even out a strange bedroom shape. Or you could increase the size of the closet, creating an appealing walk-in closet that tenants will appreciate. Install new windows to increase efficiency and curb appeal. Install exterior french doors that lead out to a balcony or bedroom deck with a view. Replace baseboards, remove old popcorn ceiling material, and add touches like wainscoting for a high-end feel. Once renovations are complete, install quality new carpeting, tile, or hardwood floors. Give everything a clean coat of paint. Then install finishing touches that bring the room together. You'll secure long-term tenants in no time.