Renters often base their initial impressions of a unit on the bathroom alone. Refreshing grout and adding leak-proof caulk around the sink and tub may seem less important than a shiny new vanity, but don't discount these inexpensive fixes. Potential residents will notice and appreciate clean, well-maintained bathrooms.

How long do you have to complete your project?


Refresh bathrooms with updated bath hardware, new toilets, and a thorough cleaning.

When you only have a day or two to refresh your bathroom before the new tenants show up, it can be tricky to get it all done in time. There are a few projects you can do in a short amount of time that will make the room look clean and updated, plus set a standard for how the new tenants should maintain the space. First, replace the bath and sink hardware for a new, shiny look. Then, replace the toilet seat. Finally, do a thorough deep-clean that eliminates any hard water residue, mildew, and stains. Replace light bulbs and consider upgrading to efficient LED bulbs. Clean out light fixtures to remove dead bugs, dust, and dirt. Then give everything a final wipedown to make sure the room is shiny, clean, and smells great. Your new tenants will be impressed and more likely to keep the bathroom in tip-top shape.


Avoid expensive bathroom repairs by prepping bathrooms and plumbing.

If you have a whole week in between tenants, take advantage of the time by doing necessary updates and repairs. You'll save money in the long run by bringing in a plumber to fix leaks and other issues before they turn into serious problems. Sometimes tenants don't tell their landlords when there's a minor leak, which can be disastrous down the road. Make sure you keep up on your property's plumbing with regular maintenance and repairs. Have your trusted plumber come in after the previous tenants are gone and look through all the bathroom plumbing. He or she will point out elements that are starting to wear and tell you what will need to be replaced soon. If something is due for replacement in the next year, just go ahead and get it done while you've got an empty house. Better safe than sorry. After the plumbing, and perhaps even electrical, are updated, quickly update the bathroom with new hardware, toilet seats, and scrub the whole room down. You can rest easy knowing that your new tenants are set up for success.


New flooring, lighting, and bath vanities are quick ways to update older bathrooms.

When you have up to a month for updates, you can do a lot more to your property's bathrooms. Tenants spend a lot of time in and out of bathrooms on a daily basis, and certain features are considered must-haves for quality renters. If your bathroom is starting to look a little out-of-date or the set-up has always been a bit awkward, it's time to get it right. Install a new vanity and sink, with quality and useful storage shelving. Replace old medicine cabinets with higher quality options and shelving to make the bathroom super effective. Replace the sink, bathtub or shower faucets and replace the toilet seat. New paint throughout the bathroom will help give it a brighter feel. Replace old flooring with updated tile to give the room a modern look. Don't forget to update the light fixtures and install natural light bulbs to make the room come alive. Your new tenants will be thrilled with the bathrooms in your rental.


Renovations can attract new residents and increase rents. Our Property Improvement team can help.

When properties have small, dark, oddly-shaped bathrooms, the entire home becomes less appealing to prospective tenants. If this is your situation and you have a month or more in between tenants, use that time to your advantage to turn the bathroom into a feature of the house. For small bathrooms, find a way to renovate the space so it is bigger and better shaped. If possible, install a window to give the room a softer, lighter feel. Replace the old bathtub with a modern tub with more depth and quality features. Alternatively, do away with the bathtub altogether and replace it with a modern walk-around tile shower. Or install both, if there's enough space! Tear out the old, cheaply made vanity, then install quality shelving and granite or marble countertops. Replace the lighting with modern, efficient fixtures and install natural light bulbs or upgrade to LED bulbs. Clean up the space and admire your new room that instantly increases your rental value.