Maximize The Time You Have For Unit Turns

On average, 47 percent of residents move out each year.* With so many residents changing addresses, turns (the process of getting units ready for the next renter) are simply an inevitable cost of doing business. For more successful turns, determine how much time you have and plan repairs and upgrades accordingly. This can help you maximize workflow and minimize the loss of revenue by getting new residents into units faster and more efficiently.

Here are some tips to help make turns more successful.


1-2 Days: Refresh

For quick turnarounds, you don't have time to do it all. Take care of the essentials like re-keying locks, changing out bulbs, touching up walls and doors with paint, and giving the unit a thorough cleaning.


1 Week: Repair

A week should be enough time to make light repairs. Patch over nail and screw holes and add a fresh coat of paint to make the rooms feel fresh and new. Check faucets and toilets for leaks. Replace missing cabinet door hardware.


1-4 Weeks: Replace

New residents want to move in and get settled, instead of moving around your installation crews. Making sure all replacement items are delivered and installed when the unit is empty makes life easier for your turns team and won't inconvenience your resident.


4+ Weeks: Renovate

Even the best maintained properties may need upgrades and renovations to keep up with the ever-changing wants and needs of residents. Making property improvements can help boost rent revenues and make your property more competitive in the market.

Check The Unit, Then Check Off What You Need

When turning apartments, inspect each unit room by room, from floor to ceiling and corner to corner. Use our Turns Checklist to make sure you don't miss a thing.

For additional help on sourcing replacement or repair products for every room in the unit, use our Property Turns Guide.


The 4 Rs of Successful Turns