Smart Apartments: The Smarter Your Property,
The Easier It Is to Manage

You have two main focuses as a property manager — to take care of your residents and to safely and efficiently maintain your apartment complex. And while this may sound simple in theory, it's often far more multifaceted and intricate than it seems. However, there is help on the horizon. As smart devices grow ever keener, and become an ever-more-expected feature in resident apartments, technology has the capability to present a simple, elegant solution to many property managers' pain points — including the majority of resident demands. Boost your revenue and win big with residents when you make the smart apartment upgrade.

Smart Security — Safe at Home, Wherever You Are

We all want to feel safe in our homes, which is why security sells with prospective residents. So make their safety a visible priority by installing the Bluetooth smart locks and tech below, all of which help your residents protect what matters most to them.

  • Kevo™ Smart Locks — Say goodbye to lost keys and repeated maintenance calls to rekey locks with this simple, convenient apartment entry system that's operated via a smartphone or key fob.
  • Nest® Hello — Let residents know who's at the door — even when they're not home — with a smart doorbell that provides crisp video streaming both day and night.
  • Nest® Camera — Make indoor security easy with a plug-and-go camera that records video 24/7 and sends live alerts, so your residents never miss a thing.

Smart Property — Protecting the Whole Building

The second component of residents feeling safe at home is knowing that the rest of the property is safe and being monitored as well to keep them protected. While new smoke alarms and outdoor cameras such as the ones below may seem like small additions, they send a big message to prospective and current residents that you have their safety at heart.

  • Kidde® Smart Notification Bridge — Give residents peace of mind wherever they are with an interconnected alarm system that sends remote alerts for fires, weather emergencies and more.
  • Kidde® Wireless Combo Alarm — Protect against smoke and carbon monoxide, even when residents aren't home, with a Wi-Fi-capable alarm that can send status updates to users' smart devices.
  • Nest® Outdoor Camera — Keep would-be intruders away with weather-resistant, 24/7, outdoor security that provides live alerts and lets residents speak through the app from anywhere.

Smart Energy — Save the Environment, Save Your Cash

Every resident and property manager wants to save on energy costs since it's a win-win situation for everyone. While you may not be able to control the prices of electricity or natural gas, you can certainly help conserve energy and reduce utility costs. In addition, lower utility bills can put your property ahead of the pack, as these smart energy devices can net you and your residents an energy savings of 10-15%, sometimes even more. So make energy sustainability — and affordability — a reality for your residents with smart thermostats and lighting that turns itself off when they're not needed.

  • Nest® Learning Thermostat Pro — Give residents total climate control from anywhere with a Kevo™-compatible thermostat that adjusts the temperature when units are empty.
  • SensorSwitch® Motion-Sensing Lighting — Help residents save electricity with easy-to-install, motion-sensing light switches that turn lights off when rooms aren't in use.
  • Honeywell Lyric™ Thermostat — Deliver exceptional comfort while extending the life of your HVAC system with a smart thermostat that works with most gas, oil, electric and heat-pump systems.

Smart Satisfaction — Resident Happiness and Convenience

In life, it's almost always the little things that seem to bring us the greatest happiness. And when it comes to smart homes, it's the little, technology-infused conveniences that seem to have the greatest positive effect on resident satisfaction. Today, more and more residents want a home that's connected. The smart tech below can help you keep your residents happy by keeping them connected with their surroundings.

  • Google Home — Today's residents rely on technology for their entertainment, information and personal productivity. And with Google Home as the hub for all your apartment's smart home devices, it's easier than ever to do it all.
  • Hubbell® USB Outlets — Allow residents to charge their smart devices in any room with easy-to-install USB outlets that work with your existing electrical plan.
  • Kohler® Bluetooth Showerhead — Create a bathroom that wows with a sleek, Bluetooth-enabled showerhead that keeps residents connected to their music and more — even in the shower.

Overall, the benefits of smart apartments are manifold — not only is this technology a wise investment for making your property safer and more energy efficient, but it will also make your residents happier. Furthermore, if you can implement these smart property upgrades ahead of the consumer demand for this industry trend, then your property will outshine — and stand out from — your competitors.

As if all these benefits of smart devices weren't convincing enough, here's one more: Upgrading your climate, security and electrical systems today can help you save big tomorrow. A $500 investment in these smart apartment upgrades can enable you to charge $45 to $65 more in monthly rent — paying for themselves in less than a year and returning more than $2,000 over a five-year span.

HD Supply can easily help outfit your entire property with the most advanced smart apartment technology available. Visit today to learn more about our smart apartment products and bundles that will enable you to keep your property competitive while simply and simultaneously increasing your residents' satisfaction.

Published on National Apartment Association's Industry Insider July 21, 2018

†U.S. Communities accounts are set up with Net 30 payment terms. Agencies must opt in to receive 2% 10-day, Net 30 payment terms by contacting Account Services at [email protected].

Smart Apartments Easier To Manage