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Add Value by Upgrading Your Doors

Replacing old and damaged doors will add appeal and value to your property. We offer interior and exterior slab doors in many styles and finishes, and all our doors can be custom sized, hinge prepped, and bored to meet your millwork needs.

Interior Slab Door Options


  • Primed
  • Raw
  • Prefinished


  • 6-Panel
  • 2-Panel
  • Louvered
  • Flush


  • 1 38"
  • 1 34"
Interior Slab Doors from HDSupply

Shop Standard Sized Doors

If you need an interior slab door right away, we carry many of the same styles in standard sizes. These are typically in stock and ready to ship and with free-next day delivery.*

How to Measure

  1. Door Size: Measure the height and width of your door to the nearest 116"
  2. Door Thickness: Measure door thickness
  3. Hinge Placement: Measure the height and radius of the hinges. Measure from the top of the door to the top of the hinge. Repeat for each hinge and record the measurements.
  4. Lockset Placement: Measure from the top of the door to the center of the lockset bolt. Measure the backset from the side of the door to the center of the lockset.

Order Forms

Download: Order Form (PDF)

Completed: Fax to 1-866-455-8903 or email [email protected]