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Developed by industry professionals, the Mobile-Shop® Maintenance System can dramatically reduce time wasted searching for tools and parts. Maintenance staff can quickly transport all the tools and parts right to a job site - eliminating the need to evaluate the job and return later with proper tools or parts.

Loaded with the common tools and supplies, Mobile-Shop® moves easily between buildings, up and down stairs, or by vehicle or golf car.

Mobile-Shop® Benefits:

  • 36% Productivity increase**
  • 148 Labor hours saved per year**
  • 2.5 Month return on investment **

** Based on the results of The Ohio State University Department of Integrated Systems Engineering Study of the Mobile-Shop® System in use Feb-July 2009.

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Learn more about Mobile-Shop® - a portable maintenance tool system stocked with typical tools & parts needed for any maintenance job. See how it can streamline property maintenance.