Save Time And Reduce Future Maintenance With HD Supply Property Improvement Solutions

As your property's dedicated maintenance supervisor, you're responsible for so much of the upkeep and preventive maintenance that contributes to the overall appeal of your resident community. And, without a doubt, one of your biggest and most important responsibilities is to oversee unit turns – making residential units ready for their next tenants after the previous ones have moved out.

Unit turns – no matter if they're a refresh, a repair, a replacement, or a complete renovation – take great amounts of time, effort, and resources from both you individually and your whole maintenance staff. But with HD Supply's Property Improvement Solutions, you can outsource this heavy work to a team of experts who you can trust to get the job done both on time and within budget.

Streamlining Your Multifamily & Apartment Community Renovations

Many studies have shown that unit turns are a necessary cost when it comes to running a multifamily property. That's because, upon moving in, residents expect to find a unit that is thoroughly clean, looks new, and has updated in-unit amenities. But while the cost of repainting a whole unit or replacing a carpet with wood flooring might not be much by itself, the total cost of a make-ready unit turn – plus the money lost from the vacancy – can cost upwards of $5,000 per unit per month.

This lost income adds up and compounds with each additional vacant unit. Let's say, for example, that you have a five-man maintenance team and that, and the end of last month, you had 20 units all move out at the same time. It's very likely that your maintenance team is not even going to be able to start touching that 20th unit until 30 days have already passed. And this lost time translates directly to lost rental income for your property manager. Your #1 goal with unit turns needs to be completing them as efficiently as possible, because time is literally lost money with vacant units.

So if you're planning to renovate your apartment or multifamily property, trust HD Supply Facilities Maintenance to get your capital improvement projects done on time and within budget. To make this unit-turning process easier on you, we offer personalized support and assistance from a team that understands your industry and market, and we have the following resources available to streamline your renovation projects:

  • A Dedicated Renovations Manager – You'll have a Renovation Sales Coordinator (RSC) as your dedicated point of contact throughout the entire process.

  • Project Management – You'll get expert product advice, forecasting, and scheduling to better coordinate the product purchasing, delivery, and service to achieve your project goals.

  • Budget Management – You'll receive volume discounts and customized credit programs.

  • Extensive Product Selection For Any Budget – You can choose from thousands of products across our economy, midscale, and premium lines – all available and ready to ship.

  • Custom-Made Products – You can also custom-order products that are expertly crafted to your specifications in our fabrication centers, ensuring superior quality and faster turnaround times.

  • Total Project Execution – You can even take advantage of our contracting, labor, and installation services that are available in select markets, always knowing that all of our contractors are licensed, background checked, and insured.

For more information about each of these, be sure to check out our HD Supply Property Improvement Guide.

Trust the Right Partner To Reduce Future Maintenance

As you've likely learned by now, investing in unit turns and renovations can help your property manager by:

  • Increasing rent revenues
  • Increasing occupancy rates
  • Increasing property value
  • Improving resident satisfaction and retention
  • Lowering maintenance needs and costs

And with HD Supply Facilities Maintenance being a leading supplier of maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) products and property improvement solutions for more than 40 years, we're ready to help make your next property improvement project a success. With our extensive product selection, experienced project management, and reliable installation services, HD Supply Facilities Maintenance has what it takes to be your trusted, single-source supplier and to complete your projects right on time, the first time.

Whether you're planning a small refresh or a total renovation, trust HD Supply Facilities Maintenance's Property Improvement Solutions to provide expert help throughout your unit turns so you can focus your attention and your maintenance team on maintaining every other piece of your property. We're dedicated to always being Easy, Accurate, and Helpful™ for our customers – because we know that your time is valuable and your peace of mind is priceless.

Published on Turns Guide 2018, Article #2 | May 14, 2018
Save Time And Reduce Future Maintenance