OSHA recommends manual lifting of residents be minimized in all cases and eliminated when feasible. Healthcare workers who lift and help move patients have the most work-related injuries, such as back pain, sciatica, or rotator cuff injuries, as well as other injuries. The use of patient lifts and slings is essential to the resident care setting; they make transfers easier and more comfortable, and help to prevent injury both to caregivers and patients.

Lifts & Slings

The use of patient lifts benefits both caregiver and patients. OSHA reports that facilities using lifts see an improvement in the residents' sense dignity, independence, and security. OSHA's safe handling guidelines have also been tied to reduced staff turnover, administrative costs, and staff absenteeism.

We offer brand-name lifts and slings to support various needs of patients.

Lifts and Slings

Power Lifts

Models available up to 500 pound capacity, power lifts provide stable patient lift and transfer, and allow for ample under-bed clearance. Shop Power Lifts

Standing Slings

Available in 500 pound capacity, use for help with patient standing, weight-bearing practice, and transferring between bed and chair. Shop Standing Slings

Toileting Sling with Belt

Superb access for hygiene and clothing removal, with three support straps for safety and security. Patient must have full head and neck control for proper use. Shop Toileting Slings

Transport Sling

Use for bed, chair, or commode transfers with residents who have minimal weight-bearing capacity. Shop Transport Slings

Full-Body Sling

Available with or without commode opening, full-body slings have a four point hookup, and a padded and supportive surface. Shop Full-Body Slings

Gait Belt

Gait Belts

Made of heavy-duty cotton webbing, gait transfer belts provide caregivers a secure hold on patients during transfer and reduce risk of caregiver back injuries. Shop Gait Belts