Building Entryways

Safe buildings start with safe entryways. There are simple ways to maintain and improve the cleanliness and safety of your building entryways and make a great impression on guests, residents, and staff.

Entryway Lighting

Entry Lighting

Doorways and pathways should be well-lit and clear of tripping hazards. LED lights and fixtures are the best choice for outdoor settings since they are durable, long lasting, and energy efficient. LED lighting also helps save money on energy and replacement costs. Learn more about outdoor LEDs.

Entryway Mats

Entrance Mats

Door mats help keep floors and walkways clean and dry while minimizing the risk of slips and falls. Door mats also help keep grit and dirt off indoor surfaces, increasing the beauty and longevity of your carpet, hardwood, or tile floors. Custom floor mats with your logo and colors add a touch of style at entrances and help reinforce your brand.

The Three-Mat System

More mats underfoot mean less water and dirt tracked onto your floors. A three-mat system triples your dirt-blocking protection, stopping about 80% of dirt and debris right at the door.

Use these three types of mats together for best results:

  • Outdoor Scraper — Designed for heavy foot traffic from outside your entryway. Outdoor scraper mats collect water and heavier debris.
  • Indoor Scraper — The coarse, textured pile on the front continues to capture dirt, debris, and moisture as people step inside the door.
  • Indoor Wiper — Soft, plush pile completes the cleaning and drying process to keep floors and carpets drier and safer.

Trash Receptacles

Choosing The Right Trash Container

Most people hang on to trash for just a few steps before littering, so the more trash receptacles you have, the less litter you'll see on the ground. For trash containers around entryways and patios, be sure you choose ones rated for outdoor use and make sure the capacity is large enough to handle high-traffic areas. Also, keep a well-stocked supply of can liners on hand that properly fit your indoor and outdoor receptacles.

Ice and Snow Removal

Ice & Snow Removal

During winter months, keep snow and ice off of sidewalks and away from entrances to help prevent slippery conditions. Ice removal is more than just a courtesy; in some regions, ice removal is required by law. Slippery ice is also a safety issue, as you can be held responsible for accidents and injuries. Avoid liability and protect your staff, residents, and guests from costly slips and falls. Learn more about ice melt products.

Entryway Signs


Proper signage is vital around your building entryways. Post safety rules, business hours, and directional signage to help visitors and guests feel safe and comfortable as they move around your property. Learn more about property signs.

Smoker Stations

Smoking Stations & Trash Receptacles

If you allow smoking on your premises, provide a convenient place for smokers to safely extinguish and deposit cigarette butts. Be sure smoking stations are close enough to the building that smokers will use them, but far enough away so as not to bother nonsmokers who are entering and exiting the area. Carefully placed trash cans at entrances, pool areas, and along walking trails also help keep your grounds free of unsightly litter and debris.

Make sure your outdoor smoking receptacles and trash containers are fireproof and easy to empty. Choose products that are durable, weather resistant, and have lids to keep waste from blowing out and animal scavengers from digging in.