Patients at hospitals and resident care facilities who are confined to beds or depend on wheelchairs are at risk for pressure ulcers, even under excellent care.

Tips for the Prevention of Pressure Ulcers:

  • Change the person's position frequently, every one to two hours
  • Check the patient's skin every day for redness or damage
  • Encourage simple stretches or exercises, and good nutrition
  • Use pressure redistribution mattresses and cushions

Pressure Redistribution Mattresses

You can help prevent bed sores at your facility with pressure redistribution mattresses that provide comfort and support. Patients who use pressure redistribution mattresses are less likely to develop pressure sores compared to ordinary hospital mattresses. Our exclusive line of Reliacare mattresses feature special cushioning zones that help redistribute pressure and address key areas of concern:

Invacare MicroAir Alternating Pressure Preventive Pressure Redistribution Mattress
  • Firm side perimeter
  • Layered foam construction
  • 1-year warranty on cover articulating cuts on bottom of mattress, extending durability
  • Waterproof, low friction, and low shear stretch top cover

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Pressure Redistribution Wheelchair Cushions

Proper support and position can help reduce the risk of pressure sores for wheelchair users. Our wheelchair cushions are contoured to heighten comfort and distribute pressure. You'll want to match the best cushion for each patient, whether it's foam, gel, or air.

Foam Cushions

Foam Wheelchair Cushions

Our exclusive foam wheelchair cushions are made from single-density foam in low profile, molded contour, and wedge. Foam cushions offer soft, even support, are designed to promote proper positioning, and include features to prevent thrusting and sliding. Shop Foam Cushions

Gel Cushions

Gel Wheelchair Cushions

Gel wheelchair cushions are made of layered foam with a gel pack overlay to decrease risk of pressure sores. They are designed to provide maximum comfort and pressure relief, and also provide cooling to diminish shear and skin maceration. Gel wheelchair cushions are stable, lightweight, and affordable. Shop Gel Cushions

Air Cushions

Air Wheelchair Cushions

Air cushions for wheelchairs are made up of interconnected air cells that constantly adjust to body movement. They are useful for patients who have existing pressure ulcers, as specific air cells can tie off as needed. Air seat cushions are lightweight and waterproof. Shop Air Cushions