Physical therapy at resident care facilities greatly helps patients improve strength, mobility, and quality of life. Patients struggling with conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, or a recent stroke benefit greatly from physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Physical Therapy Supplies

Providing the right equipment on-site makes physical therapy a daily part of resident care.

Heat & Cold Therapy

Topical gels, heat packs, and cold packs can help relieve muscle pain and promote healing. Pain-relieving gels deliver targeted cryotherapy to muscles and joints sore from injury or arthritis. Heat packs and cold packs should be readily available during any session and stored in hydrocollators or chilling units for peak performance. Shop Heat & Cold Therapy

Mats & Balance Exercisers

When working with residents to improve flexibility and mobility, you need to have the right mats and balance equipment. Look for mats that are thick, skid-resistant, and antimicrobial. In a resident care setting, patients will be sharing exercise and therapy equipment. It's essential that mats, balance balls, and balance discs do not absorb the sweat and odors generated during a therapy session. Shop Mats & Balance Exercisers

Rehabilitation Equipment

Facilities with more space and dedicated therapy rooms will want some larger, more substantial rehabilitation equipment. Parallel bars, convertible stairs, and platforms allow the physical therapists the opportunity to conduct a full range of therapeutic activities. Shop Rehabilitation Equipment

Resistance Aides

Available in progressive resistance levels, physical therapy bands and tubing, such as those from TheraBand are commonly used for muscle and joint rehabilitation exercises, as well as for general conditioning. The bands can be stretched and relaxed smoothly, helping with range of motion exercises that are safe for patients. Shop Resistance Aides

Rollers & Positioners

Foam rollers can be used for different exercises, stretches, stability, and even massaging. Rollers and wedges can also be used to position patients properly by supporting legs, feet, or back during assigned exercises. Shop Rollers & Positioners


Having a complete set of hand weights available for upper extremity exercises is standard for therapy rooms. Keep weights organized in a storage rack that holds discs, bars, and dumbells. Shop Weights & Storage Racks