An Innovator in the Lighting Industry

Philips is the world's largest lighting company and has been a trusted brand name for well over a century. Switching to Philips LED bulbs and interior and exterior light fixtures can help you reduce energy and maintenance costs over time.

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Philips Incandescent & Halogen Lamps

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Philips Lighting Controls

Understand all the innovative choices available for lighting control from Philips.

Philips Lighting Inspiration

See the story behind the design and sparkle of the New Year's Eve Times Square Ball in New York City.

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Get tips on choosing and installing the right Philips ballast for your fluorescent bulbs.

About Philips

In 1891, father and son Frederik and Gerard Philips were on a mission to bring reliable, cost-effective lighting to everyone who needed it. More than 125 years later, Philips ® has the same goal. Thanks to an enduring commitment to quality and innovation, Philips LED bulbs and lighting products are used all over the world in a variety of commercial facilities and residential communities.