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HD Supply's ideallygreen initiative launched in 2007 and is designed to help customers save money while lowering their environmental impact. We offer a wide selection of more than 3,500 environmentally preferable products to help increase efficiencies and save money.

The sales of our ideallygreen products in 2012 helped our customers:

  • Reduce their carbon emissions by 3.7 million metric tons
  • Lower water consumption by 18 billion gallons
  • Reduce utility costs by $667million
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Rescue Me

"Reuse Me" Program

Customers in Phoenix, San Antonio, Austin, San Diego, Baltimore, Seattle, and Sacramento can return their delivery boxes to our drivers for reuse, drastically reducing the amount of cardboard that is recycled or thrown into the landfill each year! This innovative program has helped HD Supply Facilities Maintenance reuse thousands of boxes.

Our Green Facilities

Recognizing that sustainability is critical to protecting our environment and way of life, we believe our responsibility goes beyond green product offerings. In turn, we have incorporated a variety of green practices across the company, from installation of energy efficient lighting at many locations to implementation of comprehensive recycling programs.

  • Energy Efficiency Retrofits: Most of our distribution centers and offices have energy-efficient lighting, motion sensors, and programmable thermostats.
  • ENERGY STAR Building Certification 2010: Our call center in New Braunfels, TX, earned ENERGY STAR certification in 2010, meeting strict energy efficiency levels set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory: Annually, we complete a comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory to find ways to reduce our footprint.
  • Efficient Delivery System: With the use of transportation software, we have designed more efficient delivery routes and closely monitor vehicle maintenance and efficiency.
  • Associate Volunteers: We join the Ocean Discovery Institute and Watershed Avengers every year during Earth Week to clean up Swan Canyon in San Diego.

Emissions Reductions

In 2012, we had 8% fewer truck emissions per delivery because of our efficient delivery routing system, which is equal to taking 318 passenger vehicles off the road annually.

Green Apartment Units

HD Supply has commissioned cutting-edge independent research to help educate multifamily property owners and operators on sustainability, and help identify clientele for green apartment units. The 2013 survey found that 64% of renters will pay more for green apartments. You can find the summary at 2013 Green Renters Survey.