Weatherizing Your Property

As seasons change and temperatures shift, each season brings its own set of jobs and maintenance tasks. Help keep your property in great condition, no matter what time of the year or weather.


As weather warms up, and winter turns into spring, you'll want to check your property and make needed repairs.

  • Clear gutters and downspouts of debris that has collected
  • Make roof repairs with patching supplies or replacement roof tiles
  • Clean and service air conditioning systems so they work more efficiently
  • Take stock of landscaping tools you'll need for the spring season
  • Prepare for warmer days by stocking up on pool chemicals and replacing patio furniture


The longer days of summertime can be the best time to take on bigger renovation or construction projects, but it's also a great time do some simple facility maintenance.


Colorful autumn leaves create plenty of outdoor maintenance jobs and are good reminders to prepare for the coming winter.

  • Service and clean HVAC units and replace filters
  • Check drainage around landscaping to avoid pooling near foundations
  • Clear rain gutters, rake and bag fallen leaves
  • Flush out water heaters and replace old ones
  • Inspect outdoor lighting; consider long-lasting, weather resistant LEDs


Every winter keeps maintenance professionals busy no matter what type of property. Cold weather and freezing temperatures create tasks both inside and out.