Some people think the bulb type or technology creates different tones of light and color. In reality, a LED bulb and a halogen bulb can emit the same type and color of light – depending on lumens and color temperature. If you choose bulbs with the right lumens and color temperature, regardless of bulb type, you'll have consistent light throughout your facility and you will be unable to tell which type of bulb is being used from one fixture to the next.

Take the Bulb Comparison Test

All bulbs shown below are A19 60 watt incandescent equivalents. Can you tell which is the 13 watt CFLi, 60 watt incandescent, 43 watt halogen, and 12.5 watt LED?

Bulb Type Comparison

Choose the Right Light Bulb

Selecting the right bulb is critical for every type of light fixture on your property, indoors and out. Before purchasing and installing light bulbs, be sure you know all the correct bulb elements:

All of these elements factor into the quality and strength of your light, regardless of which bulb technology you choose.