It's Fan Season

The weather is starting to warm up in many parts of the country as spring arrives. That will have many people cranking up the air conditioning.

But using the AC before you need to can be costly, according to a New York Times article. It costs:

  • About 14 cents an hour to run a window AC unit
  • 36 cents an hour for a three-ton central AC unit
  • But only 1 cent for three hours of a ceiling fan

None of these numbers may seem like much, but they add up. If you run a central air unit for 12 hours a day for 30 days, it would cost $129.60, while a ceiling fan would cost only $1.20. That amounts to more than $128 in savings per month.

Getting cool with a fan has gotten easier over the years. And recent design changes have made installation simpler and faster.

A Breeze To Install

Seasons® Quick-Install Ceiling Fans come 50 percent preassembled and have removed 10 steps from the traditional installation process. That means installation takes only minutes, saving money and time. Watch the video below to learn more.

Seasons Quick-Install Ceiling Fan