Interior spaces on your property may require signs for navigation, fire safety, fair housing and ADA compliance, and more. Whether you want all new signs or are replacing broken and outdated signs, trust us to deliver all the stock and custom interior signs your facility needs to remain compliant and user-friendly.

Some recommended uses for interior signs:

Types of Interior Signs

Interior signs are available in various styles, shapes, and materials. Consider your sign's purpose, placement, and lighting to choose the right type of interior sign.

Acrylic Signs

Designed to complement most décors, acrylic signs for walls, doors, and desks give your facility a polished, professional appearance. Acrylic signs are available with a variety popular stock messages, or you can choose fully custom signs and add any wording or logo you want.

Features of acrylic signs:

  • Durable, 1⁄8" thick molded acrylic construction
  • Scratch-resistant graphics and rounded corners
  • Self-adhesive strips for easy installation
  • Stock and fully custom options available
  • Great for fair housing, ADA compliance, and identifying restrooms, offices, exits, etc.

Polystyrene Signs

Polystyrene signs are great for full color, fully custom logos and/or photography. Recommended uses include room location, identifying staff offices, navigation, and more.

Features of polystyrene signs:

  • Images digitally printed on 1/8" thick polystyrene plastic
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Smooth rounded corners
  • Wide variety of sizes

Engraved Signs

These versatile custom signs feature front engraved lettering for added depth and dimension. Messages can be customized with your specific wording and property information.

Features of engraved signs:

  • Add your custom words
  • Made of 1⁄16" thick plastic
  • Single-sided signs in four sizes; double-sided signs in two sizes
  • Choice of multiple color combinations and border styles

Brass Signs

Brass signs, door plates, name tags, nameplates, and door letters/numbers can be custom engraved with your specific information for a more personal touch.

Features of brass signs:

  • Add your custom messaging, letters, or numbers
  • Signs available in assorted sizes
  • Name tags with choice of magnetic or pin fastener
  • Signs, door plates, and letters or numbers include mounting hardware

Vinyl Signs

Vinyl signs for windows, doors, and walls have a permanent adhesive that secures easily to any smooth surface. Pre-aligned vinyl lettering and one-sided vinyl decals can be customized with any wording you want.

Benefits of vinyl signs include:

  • Durable and tear-resistant
  • Permanent adhesive
  • One and two-sided decals available

Clock Signs

Are you the only one in the office? Two-sided clock signs let residents and visitors know your status. Use welcome/open side when you are available; flip to clock side to show a return time while you are out.

Features of clock signs:

  • Heavy-duty polystyrene
  • Includes suction cup and hook
  • Available in stock and semi-custom designs

State & Federal Compliant Signs

Avoid costly fines and penalties by installing high-quality interior signs that satisfy government ADA, braille, and fire safety regulations. Sign regulations vary by state, so always check with state and/or federal officials or consult legal counsel to make sure your facility remains in compliance.

Types of interior signs you may need to be compliant:

Are Your Signs in the Right Areas?

Where you place your signs is as important as the sign choice itself. Learn more about the signs you need for your property.